This year, Amazon Prime Day will be running from October 13th to October 14th, 2020. Expect to see hundreds of automotive deals during this year’s event, which may make it a bit overwhelming to figure out what to buy! If you’re looking for the best deals for your hybrid, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be working on keeping this page updated as deals go live throughout the 48-hour sales event, so make sure you refresh often to see new deals.

To help make your shopping experience easier, we’ve broken down the deals into several categories. As deals show up, we’ll link to them individually, but you can also click the “GET DEAL” link for each category to check out what’s on sale in that particular category. With so many items going on sale, we’re sure to miss out on some deals that you might be interested in. So if you have the time to browse, the “GET DEAL” link is a great place to start.

If you aren’t shopping for anything in particular, check out all the current deals to see what’s on sale.

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Car Cleaning Supplies

Without a doubt, you’ll want to keep your eye out for deals on car cleaning supplies. Past Prime Days saw huge discounts on all sorts of cleaning supplies and we expect this year to be the same. Now’s the perfect time to stock up on your favorite car shampoo, wax, or quick detailing spray. Or maybe it’s time to make washing and detailing your car easier, in which case you’ll want to check out deals on a pressure washer and foam cannon. Don’t forget your interior too, as upholstery cleaners and leather conditioners should also see discounts. Protect all that hard work with some detailing supplies, like clay bars, wax, and ceramic coating, if you’re looking to splurge.

Prime Day Deals on Car Detailing Supplies:

Save up to 50% on Yocisku 9H Nano Ceramic Coating

Save up to 29% on TriNova Tire Shine Spray

Save up to 42% on Carfidant Ultimate Leather Conditioner

Save up to 48% on HOTOR Car Vacuum Cleaner

Save up to 32% on Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo

Save up to 15% on Cafidant Scratch and Swirl Remover

Save up to 20% on select Chemical Guys Kits and Microfiber Towels

Save up to 32% on Carfidant Ultimate Tire Shine Spray

Save up to 40% on Audew Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Save up to 40% on GALSOAR Car Vacuum

Save up to 15% on Carfidant Red Car Scratch Remover

Save up to 26% on AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Save up to 45% on XINDELL Windshield Cleaning Tool

Save 20% with coupon on JINPUS Car Vacuum

Save up to 15% on Carfidant Ultimate Spray Wax

Save up to 20% on Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash

Save up to 20% on Epic Elements Protect Ceramic Coating for Cars

Save up to 20% on CarGuys Liquid Wax

Save up to 20% on CarGuys Tire Shine Spray

Save up to 28% on MATCC Foam Cannon II

Save up to 15% on Carfidant Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Spray

Save up to 32% on Adam’s Wheel Cleaner

Save up to 46% on Adam’s Detail Spray

Save up to 45% on Leather Honey Leather Conditioner



If you’re a home mechanic and like wrenching on your car or doing routine maintenance yourself, Prime Day is a great time to stock up on the essentials. Whether it’s a cordless drill you’ve been keeping an eye on, or a multi-piece mechanics tool kit, you’re likely to find something you need on sale. Don’t just look for your standard ratchets, wrenches, and sockets, there will likely be deals on other tools like oil filter wrenches, spark plug sockets, OBD2 scanners, and more. Equip your garage with all the essentials while they’re cheap!

Prime Day Deals on Mechanics Tools:

Save up to 40% on DEWALT tools

Save up to 40% on CRAFTSMAN tools

Save up to 28% on FOXWELL OBD2 Scanner

Save up to 25% on Launch Creader OBD2 Scanner

Save up to 19% on WORKPRO 54-Piece Tool Kit

Save 20% on Arcan 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack


Portable Tire Inflators

If you own a hybrid, you care about your fuel economy and that means making sure your tires are properly inflated. Underinflated or overinflated tires can affect your MPG, so getting a portable tire inflator is a must. Have the convenience of filling your tires with air from the comforts of your own home, and keep it in your trunk in case of emergencies. For convenience, grab a portable tire inflator with an auto shutoff feature. This way, you can just set the desired pressure you want and the pump will do all the work, turning off once it’s done inflating.

Some options will also have built-in LED flashlights, which are great if you’re having to use the portable tire inflator at night. Others will includes accessories so you can inflate various household items and sporting equipment, which is a nice plus.

Prime Day Deals On Tire Inflators:

Save up to 20% on Glamore Portable Air Compressor

Save up to 20% + an additional 20% via coupon on P.I. AUTO STORE Digital Tire Inflator

Save up to 33% on Avid Power Tire Inflator/Air Compressor

Save up to 22% on Breezz Tire Inflator/Air Compressor

Save up to 20% on JACO FlowPro Digital Tire Inflator

Save up to 27% on MOICO Portable Air Compressor

Save up to 40% on AstroAI Air Compressor


Portable Jump Starters

Waking up and finding out your car has a dead battery can really ruin your day. This is where portable jump starters come in handy, allowing you to kick start that battery and get you going on your way. These devices are easy to use and also means you don’t need another vehicle for a jump start. Best of all, many of them can now also be used as a portable battery bank to charge up your mobile devices.

Look for additional features such as built-in LED flashlights, or even ports so you can power up 12-volt accessories that normally need your cigarette lighter receptacle. These are great devices to keep in your glove box in the case of an emergency.

Prime Day Deals on Portable Jump Starters:

Save up to 34% on Audew 2000A Portable Jump Starter

Save up to 35% on NOCO products

Save up to 21% on GREPRO Portable Jump Starter

Save up to 33% on Imazing Portable Jump Starter

Save up to 35% on Clore Automotive Jump-n-Carry Jump Starter


Car Covers

Your hybrid wasn’t cheap, and if you plan on keeping it as long as possible, you might want to consider a car cover. Even if you’re parking your car inside a garage, a car cover has its benefits, keeping dust and dirt off the surface and protecting it from accidental scratches and bumps. But if you’re parking outside or for an extended period of time, you’ll definitely want a car cover to keep that finish on your car as shiny as possible.

If you’re looking for daily protection, a basic car cover will suffice. But if you deal with lots of rain or snow, get something more durable with multiple layers of protection. Live in an area where it’s constantly windy? Get a car cover packed with extra straps and buckles, so the cover doesn’t blow off as soon as it gets on.

Prime Day Deals on Car Covers:

Save up to 20% on Big Ant Car Covers for various Jeep Wrangler models

Save up to 36% on MATCC Car Cover

Save up to 37% on Bliifuu Car Cover

Save up to 24% on ELUTO Car Cover

Save up to 29% on Leader Accessories Car Cover


LED Headlight Bulbs

cougar motor led headlight bulbs

When it comes to headlights, brighter is better, until it’s too bright. If you’re looking to get better visibility on the roads while driving at night, a pair of LED headlight bulbs will do the job. Not only are they brighter than standard halogen headlight bulbs, LED bulbs will also last a lot longer, which means saving money in the long run. If you decide you want to upgrade your lighting, the brightness of LED bulbs is measured in lumens, and the larger the number, the brighter. Just keep in mind you’ll want to check that those headlights are legal for use where you live.

Most LED headlight bulbs are simple plug-and-play kits, just make sure you’re getting the right bulb fitment for your vehicle.

Prime Day Deals On LED Headlight Bulbs:

Save up to 20% on CougarMotor LED Headlight Bulbs

Save up to 20% on Beamtech LED Headlight Bulbs

Save up to 15% on ZonCar LED Headlight Bulbs

Save up to 30% on OXILAM LED Headlight Bulbs

Save $8.00 with coupon on SEALIGHT LED Headlight Bulbs

Save $10.00 with coupon on AUXITO LED Headlight Bulbs

Save up to 30% on Auxbeam LED Headlight Bulbs

Save up to 15% on Fahren LED Headlight Bulbs


Battery Maintainers

towertop battery charger/maintainer

If you’re planning on leaving your car parked for a long period of time, you’ll want more than just a battery charger. A standard battery charger will do the job of charging up your battery, but you’ll want a battery maintainer for extended use. That’s because battery maintainers will automatically stop charging your battery once it’s full, at which point it switches to float mode. This is when it’ll resume charging only when the battery naturally drops below a certain threshold.

Also known as float chargers, battery maintainers are best used to ensure your battery’s health doesn’t degrade while your car is sitting parked.

Prime Day Deals On Battery Maintainers:

Save up to 13% on Adakiit Smart Battery Charger/Maintainer

Save up to 13% on TowerTop Smart Battery Charger/Maintainer

Save up to 33% on Ampeak Smart Battery Charger/Maintainer

Save an additional 20% on Schumacher Battery Charger/Maintainer

Save up to 43% on Battery Tender Plus Charger and Maintainer

Save up to 33% on Ampeak Smart Battery Charger/Maintainer


Windshield Wipers

rain-x wiper blades

You don’t want to wait until you’re caught in a huge storm to realize you need replacement windshield wiper blades. Prime Day is a great time to get yourself some replacement windshield wipers, this way you’re ready to go when rainy season finally hits wherever you live. And while you’re shopping for wiper blades, why not get an upgrade over your factory units?

The most common wiper blades are frame-style blades, which are traditional windshield wipers with rubber squeegees or halogen-hardened rubber. Also known as bracket-type wipers, these are pretty run-of-the-mill blades that are inexpensive but offer poor performance in snow and ice. If you need protection against snow and ice, you’ll want to get yourself hybrid blades, which come equipped with an outer shell to protect the blades. If you want durability and performance, look towards beam-style wipers.

Save up to 20% on MOTIUM All-Season Wiper Blades

Save up to 20% on ASLAM Windshield Wiper Blades


Seat Covers

fh group seat covers

Your car seats see plenty of abuse on a daily basis, and after time, they’ll start to fade, crack, or peel depending on the material. If you often park your car outdoors, the sun’s harmful UV rays can make quick work of your seats. A set of quality car seat covers is an affordable way to protect your car seats and they’re available in a variety of colors and styles so they’ll match your interior.

Often go to the gym or on outdoor adventures? Get yourself seat covers made from water-resistant material, keeping your factory seats nice and dry. If you want to add a hint of luxury, there are several options out there that use synthetic leather. Most car seat covers are designed to be universal, so some may be more difficult than others to install, depending on your vehicle. One other factor to consider is whether your car is equipped with side airbags. If it is, you’ll want to make sure any seat cover you purchase doesn’t interfere with their deployment.

Prime Day Deals on Seat Covers:

Save up to 20% on Big Ant Sheepskin Seat Covers

Save up to 44% on Black Panther Car Seat Covers


DIY Dent Repair Kits

If you love your car, a dent (no matter how big or small) can be really annoying. But most car owners won’t take their car to a body shop for a minor dent and sometimes you don’t want to pay for paintless dent repair. But instead of living with that unsightly blemish, consider a do-it-yourself dent repair kit. Sure, these things require a bit of patience to use and you might have to watch a few videos on YouTube, but you could fix some of those minor dents at a fraction of the cost.

Many of these DIY dent repair kits come with a plethora of tools and items to help pull larger dents, and you might come away surprised by the results. If you have the patience to learn how to use them properly, check out some of the Prime Day deals on DIY dent repair kits.

Prime Day Deals on Dent Repair Kits:

Save up to 29% on BBKANG Paintless Dent Repair Kit

Save up to 37% on Gliston Auto Dent Puller Kit


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