Aston Martin has plans in two to three years to release an all-electric variant of its Rapide, it could potentially boast 1000 brake horsepower on a four wheel drive platform while also including a range of 200 miles.

The creation process is already in motion in the UK, plans are being drawn up and battery mock ups laid out to attempt to replicate the Rapide’s V12.

“Electric power gives us the performance we want, although you won’t have the V12 noise – you’ll have something that works just as well for a luxury vehicle – silence. And you’ll have zero emissions” said Aston CEO Andy Palmer to AutoExpress at the New York Motor Show.

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A reason for the creation of electric vehicles according to Palmer last month in Geneva is in order counteract the company’s CO2 average, allowing Aston to continue creating sports cars with V12 engines in them.

Palmer also mentioned that there shouldn’t be a major difference in weight when comparing the electric version of the Rapide to the V12.

Aston plans for the batteries to sit under the hood and down the spine, while the electric motor and inverter sit in the rear powering the front and rear wheels simultaneously.

With $10.2 million in government funding for Aston to use specifically on export models, and a rumored long-wheelbase version in the works as well, the U.S. and Chinese markets are deemed to be a good fit for sales for that particular adaptation.

These vehicles won’t be cheap though, with estimates approaching the $300,000 range according to today’s battery costs.