BMW is rumored to be planning an all-electric i6 sedan that would go on sale some time in 2020.

According to Automobile, the i6 would join the i3 and i8 in BMW’s i-series electric lineup, and would be similar in size to the existing BMW 3-series (pictured).

The publication said the i6 would come with “a new ‘flat-floor’ component set,” and have two to four electric motors. The possibility was raised that the i6 could even be equipped with a next-generation lithium-polymer battery, which may offer up to three-times the energy density of today’s EV batteries while reducing costs up to fifty percent.

Similar to the i3 and i8, the i6 would continue the trend of being comprised of carbon fiber pieces to facilitate weight reduction.

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The release of an all-electric i6 sedan would fall in line with previous BMW statements of increasing focus on electric vehicles in the future in order to meet ever-increasing stringent emissions standards.

During an interview with German news outlet Handelsblatt, BMW CEO Harald Krüger stated that the automaker would shift focus to electric cars in favor of diesel vehicles moving forward.

“In the future, the point will be reached at which it will be simply uneconomical to adapt diesel drive systems to the requirements of an increasingly ambitious legislation,” Mr. Krüger said. “Then electric mobility will play the decisive role.”

BMW has not officially announced any details regarding the i6.