Alcoa and Phinergy will unveil their jointly developed aluminum-air battery that they say powers electric cars to greater distances.

An Alcoa-Phinergy electric car will take laps around the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve to demonstrate the technology, ahead of the Formula 1 Grand Prix Du Canada in Montreal.

Why go with aluminum-air technology for batteries? Phinergy explained aluminum contains high amounts of energy (8 kilowatt-hour/kilogram). It is also easily recyclable, making it an attractive material for energy systems.

Phinergy’s aluminum-air energy systems is said to use the energy released by the reaction of aluminum with oxygen to generate electric power. The company’s proprietary air electrodes are said to transform Phinergy’s aluminum-air energy systems into highly effective, robust, and reliable clean energy sources.

Phinergy also said it utilizes an advanced battery management system for ever so increasing the energetic utilization of the battery.

The life cycle of aluminum enables to maintain global energetic balance, added the company. Phinergy’s aluminum is said to be produced in places where energy is clean and cheap, such as electricity from waterfalls. It then serves as a means for transporting this energy to places where it is required.

When used in an aluminum-air battery, aluminum turns into aluminum hydroxide. Aluminum hydroxide can then be recycled in the aluminum factory, said the partners, enabling a closed and sustainable life cycle.