The Detroit Aircraft Corporation’s AirSpaceX just presented the MOBi-ONE, its autonomous, electric VTOL aircraft in sub-scale model form, at the Detroit Auto Show.

The MOBi-ONE will serve as an air taxi with vertical take-off and landing abilities, zipping passengers and cargo with a cruise velocity of 150 mpg, a top speed of 250 mph, and a 65-mile range, with the choice of two piloting modes: autonomous and pilot-assisted.

The air taxi seats up to four passengers and up to 440-lbs. of cargo. Aiming towards the Uber crowd, the company promises on-demand air travel within a 60-mile radius, which includes shuttling back and forth between cities and airports.

“MOBi-ONE will offer clean, quiet, and connected on-demand air mobility to the mass traveling public at an affordable price,” said Jon Rimanelli, founder, and CEO of Detroit Aircraft and AirSpaceX. “Our vision is to mass produce aircraft leveraging lean automotive design and mass production techniques, so our vehicles are affordable to the mass traveling public.”

According to the Airspace X website, MOBi-ONE strives to achieve four objectives: connectivity, quiet operations, zero carbon emissions, and a faster commute. These goals are facilitated, in part, using broadband, high-speed internet, and collision avoidance systems. Additional figures cite lost fuel and productivity costs as a result of traffic, including 1.9 billion gallons of fuel-killing road congestion and an average time of 42 hours spent in traffic every year.

“Our goal is to deploy 2,500 aircraft at the nation’s 50 largest cities by 2026, targeting existing infrastructure at first,” says JP Yorro, chief commercial officer at AirSpaceX. “The MOBi development program will be capital intensive, but air mobility as a service could generate billions for the economy. We are considering a broad array of financing options, including potential fractional ownership interest and profit sharing models.”

Founded in 2011 by Jon Rimanelli, a developer of intelligent transportation systems, the Detroit Aircraft Corporation initially focused on military and commercial aircrafts, producing more than 70 electric VTOL aircraft for select customers before turning to urban-focused aircraft for passengers and cargo. AirSpaceX is a subsidiary solely focused on this project, with the 2005 and 2006 Ford GT’s former design chief leading design efforts.

Look for the sub-scale MOBi-ONE from Jan. 14 to 21 at the AutoMobili-D Technology Showcase at the Detroit Auto Show.