A leading charging station supplier has partnered with a smart-grid charging platform firm to provide both increased charging capabilities to electric vehicle drivers and electric demand load management for utilities.

AeroVironment is collaborating with eMotorWerks’ and its JuiceNet smart-grid charging platform to offer customers, including utility companies, a set of services tapping into what EV owners and electric companies are curious about for making charging more efficient.

Tied into the JuiceNet product, users will be able to utilize smartphone, web, and Amazon Alexa voice control over their EV charging. Other functions include viewing data on real time and historic energy usage for their electric cars; charging status notifications; load balancing two or more electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) components to effectively share the load; and scheduling charging during periods of lower utility rates, helping users save money on charging.

Utilities can tap into the platform to modulate energy demand on the grid. They can also shift and spread out EV charging loads to times when renewable energy is more abundant or energy rates are lower.

EV drivers with environmental concerns have used Juicebox to monitor power plants or types of power plants in real time. The company says its platform offers cloud-connected and intelligent grid charging solutions, including green-charging from renewable energy sources. JuiceNet has the capability to increase the relative percentage of renewable energy used to charge a driver’s EV by setting the “Green Charging” feature.

In certain sections of California, customers can earn rewards dollars for using the Green Charging feature. That service is set to expand to locations outside of California.

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EV drivers can tap into eMotorWerks’ solutions including Juicebox by using smartphone applications. In some markets, they can earn frequent charging rewards through eMotorWerk’s platform and utility partnerships.

AeroVironment’s chargers have been selected by eight global automakers for charging their EVs.