What’s the best way to understand hybrid technology? You can read the marketing literature put out by the carmakers—or discuss theories with hybrid engineers. Or you can get the straight dope from the mechanics who see, touch, and smell actual hybrids after the vehicles have been on the road. Intrepid hybrid technicians experience the everyday adventure of maintaining and fixing hybrids—and most of the time, they live to tell the tale.

There’s no better adventure guide than Paul Cortes of Art’s Automotive in Berkeley, California.

Honda Insight Oil Leak
The repair of a messy oil leak on a Honda Insight becomes a kaleidoscopic journey through the mechanics of the retired king of hybrid fuel economy. Along the way, we learn about the similarities and differences between the Insight, other hybrids, and conventional vehicles.

Toyota Prius RFID Unit
Replacing the ECU for a Toyota Prius RFID immobilizer is harder than it looks.

Stay tuned for more adventures.