Production on the new Acura NSX has been quietly delayed.

Originally scheduled to start production this fall, the Japanese automaker subtly revealed that NSX production is now scheduled to begin in spring 2016 although trial production is already underway. The news comes from a press release from Acura detailing the new Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) in Marysville, Ohio where the Acura NSX will be produced. The delay also means that the hybrid sports car will no longer arrive as a 2016 model but a 2017.

Honda didn’t release any details on why the NSX’s production has been delayed, though an original delay in the car’s creation came about when Honda decided to switch from a naturally-aspirated V6 hybrid to a twin-turbo V6 hybrid.

With the addition of forced induction, the Japanese automaker had to develop a longitudinal V6 engine which added time to the engineering process. As for its official sale date, a company summit with dealers is currently scheduled for October, when the company will not only answer that question but determine the car’s pre- and at-launch marketing strategy.

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