In the number-one U.S. car sales market the number-one seller for the first quarter of this year became the Honda Accord, out-doing the Toyota Prius.

Toyota’s hybrid had held the spot for two years, but according to the California New Car Dealers Association, Honda delivered 15,611 Accords compared to Toyota’s 15,318 Prius models.

This turn of events should not be surprising, as we reported in March overall Prius sales were declining, though the Prius is still holding strong, and could yet finish ahead for 2014 as an updated Liftback waits in the wings for 2015.

Rounding out the top-five places in California, third in state was the Honda Civic at 14,627, fourth was Toyota Camry with 14,389, and fifth was the Toyota Corolla with 13,350.

This showed also that Californians prefer Hondas and Toyotas more than all other makes, as these two nameplates filled the top-five spots, and no other automaker sold more than 10,000 units in the first quarter of this year.

LA Times