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HybridCars.com was founded as the Internet’s premier Web site dedicated to hybrid gas-electric vehicles and the full range of consumer information and tools about cars, energy, and the environment.

Since begun with a focus on hybrids – thus the name, HybridCars.com – we soon realized other “green” technologies deserved coverage too. These included “clean diesel,” E85 ethanol, ultra fuel-efficient “gas misers,” and as the new generation of battery electric, plug-in hybrids, and fuel cell vehicles began to be developed, particularly after 2005-onward, we covered them as well.

HybridCars.com is therefore now an all-of-the-above alternative-energy transportation site with focus on passenger vehicles. Our editorial approach is not to take sides, but to attempt coverage of all technologies as consumers, industry and policymakers adopt solutions to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions, and improve energy security. We think these are interesting times as society recognizes the clock is ticking on exclusively petroleum-based transportation. Worldwide, automakers are working on all technologies, and it is a live experiment happening on the largest possible scale to see what technologies will dominate.

Obviously, sustainable and cost-effective technologies are what we favor, as we do care about the environment, and think clean and green is also long-term practical, and can be made more so as more people invest in it, and economies of scale grow, and technologies are improved. That said, as trained journalists, we keep our personal biases out of coverage, as we think objectivity is more credible than openly biased advocacy, and thus better serves everyone’s interests. We also realize this endeavor to lead away from petroleum is ongoing, and it is in a sense a case of “may the best technology win.” Presently many powertrain and related technologies are competing, and it appears this will be the case for years if not indefinitely, as each technology’s respective percentage of market share adjusts along the way.

Whether you’re a car person, technology buff, or just like a good drama, these are actually exciting times in the history of society which for over one-hundred years has developed a whole world on petroleum. We stay mindful of these aspects too, and try to give you a front-row seat.

Car reviews, interactive tools, news, and user forums are designed to help car shoppers make informed purchase decisions. HybridCars.com works closely with Baum & Associates to produce its Hybrid Market Dashboard, and with academic institutions and industry analysts to conduct research related to the emerging market for hybrid, alternative fuel, and electric cars.


Jeff Cobb has his B.A. in Journalism from Temple University, Philadelphia, where he now resides. He has been a car, motorcycle, and bicycle fan, project car modifier, occasional racer (motorcycle roadracing, autocross) for many moons now. Affiliations with the business since the mid-80s include work in several capacities at motorcycle and automotive dealerships. Post-college he authored over a dozen Chilton Total Car Care manuals. He’s also been a full-time correspondent, news editor, and managing editor for regional and major metro newspapers. His work with HybridCars.com’s publisher, VerticalScope, began in 2008 with assignments for Motorcycle.com. Late in 2009 he was asked to move to California for a stint as a senior editor, motorcycle road tester, and part time photographer. He took on the task of covering the emerging electric motorcycle side in 2010 as well as conventional technologies. After VerticalScope acquired GM-Volt.com, and HybridCars.com, he was asked in early 2011 to head up these publications.

Larry E. Hall is an Olympia, Wash.-based freelance journalist and founder of Northwest Auto News Service. His interest and passion for automobiles began at age 7, cleaning engine parts for his father. He has written about cars and the automotive industry for more than 20 years, with a focus on alternative fuels and vehicles. He drove the first Prius brought to the U.S. at EVS 14 in 1997 and was honored to be the second person outside of General Motors to drive the Hy-Wire fuel cell vehicle in France. His articles have been published by Microsoft’s MSNBC.com and MSN Autos, as their alternative fuels correspondent, as well as numerous newspapers, trade journals and business publications.

Ray Prince is a Miami, Fla.-based freelance journalist. His earliest memories of automobiles began with his father’s Oldsmobile Cutlass, where he would spend hours pretending to drive it. His first stint on automotive writing began at Crave Online before branching out, with his stories published on online publications Fansided’s Art of Gears and Wide Open Roads. Ray also writes product descriptions for Turn5, an automotive aftermarket ecommerce retailer specializing in Mustangs, F-150, Jeep, Sierra, Silverado, and RAM parts and systems.

Chad Kirchner is a freelance journalist living in northern Ohio. He’s had a lifelong interest in automobiles and technology. Before entering the automotive industry, Chad spent time with an information technology firm specializing in the needs of K-12 education and local government. He has a MBA in Leadership from Tiffin University. He’s a member of both the Midwest Automotive Media Association and the Texas Auto Writers Association. You can find his work on other VerticalScope properties as well as other auto outlets on the internet.

Alan Baum, principal, Baum & Associates, provides market analysis of diesel, hybrid, and electric vehicles and other advanced technologies that contribute to improved fuel economy. He has been a contributor to a number of studies on this topic including “Driving Growth: How Clean Cars and Climate Policy Can Create Jobs” and other projects analyzing the impact of fuel saving technologies on the auto industry. This work takes into account the impact of changes in fuel prices, consumer demand, automaker strategies, regulatory policy, and powertrain technology. More generally, Baum provides analysis of the automotive market and has worked with clients on a variety of analytical issues. He produces a quarterly forecast of diesel, hybrid, and electric vehicle sales as well as a production forecast of the overall North American market (the latter since 1990). He is frequently quoted in the popular and trade press including Bloomberg News, the Wall Street Journal, Automotive News, Ward’s Automotive Reports, and a variety of daily newspapers.

Living in rural Canada, Matthew Guy has immersed himself in car culture for over 30 years. A certified gearhead, he enjoys professionally writing about cars and is very pleased to contribute to HybridCars.com. Matthew enjoys planning and then writing about road trips few others in their right mind would consider. He once hopped in an all-electric Chevrolet Bolt and drove it 728 miles, making a series of 200 mile hops between charging stations. He also has an inexplicable penchant for driving cross-country in the dead of winter using cars notably unsuited for the task, such as a Fiat 500 Turbo and a Toyota Prius. Find him on Twitter @matthewkguy

Jeff Nisewanger is a part-time freelance journalist with a focus on all things electrical including vehicle hybridization, battery technology, and DC fast charging. Coming from an engineering background, he likes to deep-dive on the details of emerging automotive tech. He first learned to drive at age 13 on his grandfather’s farm in a 1946 Chevrolet pickup truck that came with a starter button on the floor and a manual carburetor choke pull on the dash. The GM EV-1 caught his interest in the late 1990’s but he settled for one of the first Toyota Prius full hybrid subcompact sedans in 2000. That was followed up with one of the first “iconic” Prius liftbacks in the fall of 2003. In December, 2010 the 42nd Chevrolet Volt off the assembly line became his daily driver and in January, 2017 it was replaced by a Chevy Bolt EV built during the first two weeks of production.

Media Coverage

Partial list of publications and media organizations that have quoted HybridCars.com:

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Editorial Policy, Credits, and Interview Requests

Journalists and students can reference content on this site by crediting (and, if possible, linking to) HybridCars.com. Unless otherwise noted, the author should be listed as stated in the byline, HybridCars.com. We usually accept interview requests from the media; requests should be submitted via email.

We are not employees or agents of any carmaker or car company. We maintain a strict policy of editorial independence. We welcome the possibility of site sponsorships, with the provision that sponsors will in no way influence the truthful and candid presentation of the facts about hybrid cars.

While we believe strongly that hybrid cars are the way to go, we do not hesitate to present information that is critical of any particular product, service, or technology. Our goal is to combine solid research and factual information with some candid opinion — all free of marketing “hoo-ha” and presented in the cleanest, most accessible web format.