The American Automobile Association (AAA) is making a push toward the installation of electric vehicles chargers and has announced a new relationship with EV charging supplier GoSpace LLC.

With the goal of meeting the growing need for Electric Vehicle charging infrastructures, this new partnership will allow the entire federation of AAA clubs to access turnkey charging solutions.

GoSpace LLC transforms traditional parking spaces into “GoSpaces” by offering a choice of several electric vehicle charger brands, and can provide assistance with zoning issues, perform certified installations in most parking lots and garage spaces.

“Public accessible places to charge plug-in electric vehicles in North America are increasing but there is still a need in many areas,” said Marshall L. Doney, AAA national vice president, Automotive, Financial Services and E-Business. “AAA chose GoSpace for its comprehensive project coordination including permitting and engineering in this emerging area of automotive technology.”

GoSpace said it will work with AAA clubs across the country to be in the forefront of the EV scene. The company has helped oversee the transformation of public mindset in adapting to EV charging stations since its inception in 2009.  Those interested in adding a charging station can choose peripheral items such as pavement striping and signage, as well as solar lighting and solar canopies. GoSpace said it can also incorporate air machines that help keep tire pressure at the optimum level, thus providing better traction, mileage, and safety.