This past Tuesday, Connecticut Governor Daniel P. Malloy announced the state will be giving up to $3,000 rebates to those who purchase electric, fuel cell, or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Rebates, which will be applied during the point of sale, are available to residents, municipalities, and businesses of Connecticut and can range from $750 to $3,000 depending on the range of the vehicle.

“This rebate puts money right back in people’s pockets and makes the cost of purchasing or leasing an electric vehicle competitive with the price of a conventional car,” Malloy said at Crowley Ford in Plainville.

A federal tax credit of $7,500 is also available to green vehicle purchasers, which can be added to the state rebates for increased overall vehicle cost reductions. Presently fuel cell cars are not available yet, but are expected to in the next couple of years or so.

These incentives are funded by $1 million from a multi-million dollar settlement paid to the state when Nstar, a Massachusetts utility company, merged with Northeast Utilities to create what’s now known as Eversource Energy.

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In addition to the incentives introduced, a new bill is working its way through Connecticut’s General Assembly which would allow Tesla to sell its vehicles directly to the customers, bypassing third-party dealerships.

Currently in Connecticut, there are 2,754 electric and hybrid vehicles registered. The CTpost poses that these rebates are an excellent way to increase that number, which helps the state meet its goal for reducing harmful emissions.

“Putting more Connecticut drivers behind the wheel of an EV is what it will take to drive down harmful carbon emissions linked to climate change, reduce conventional pollutants that threaten our air quality and public health, and help motorists reduce the cost of owning and operating a car,” Governor Malloy said.