Renault is hoping to avoid a Volkswagen-type diesel scandal.

The French automaker’s vehicles aren’t sold in North America, but the Renault Captur is being recalled in Europe to fix pollution-control systems on 15,800 affected units. In addition, about 700,000 vehicles will have a voluntary emissions-system update. For now, the recall is limited to the 110-horsepower diesel-powered Captur crossover, Renault said.

The engine software patch aims to reduce NOx emissions and will be available for vehicles with the latest Euro 6 generation of diesel engines. According to Renault’s chief competitive officer, Thierry Bollore, the company is “not cheating” and are meeting the norms and wanted to make it clear that it is “not trying to trick the consumer.”

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The company did admit that it has room for improvement and will detail the planned adjustments in March for vehicles with Euro 6-compliant diesel engines. Voluntary engine checks will be offered to owners four months later.

The French government launched its own investigation into diesel cars last September after Volkswagen admitted to cheating on diesel emissions tests that manipulated software on up to 11-million vehicles sold worldwide. The country’s probe tested 100 randomly chosen vehicles that included 25 Renault cars. The French automaker said the rest of the tests will not result in more recalls of its vehicles.

Fixing the filters in the Captur will take about half a day per engine.

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