Joining the likes of the Bollinger and Rivian trucks will be the Hummer? As strange as that sounds, the Hummer name is making a comeback. It will be called the GMC Hummer and will likely be in the form of a pick-up truck, an electric pick-up truck. The name that was the very symbol of excess and everything that was wrong with the world will now be the symbol of future mobility solutions.

We can’t say how well the Hummer name will be accepted as it still tends to invoke some strong emotions. But GM has decided to stick to its guns and only time will tell how the truck is received. There are currently no details on the electric Hummer but we can guess it will be on an entirely new chassis and will be quite a sizeable truck if it has to live up to the Hummer name so expect a 100kWh battery pack to start things off. Whether it will be a workhorse or a premium off-road offering remains to be seen. But if we were to speculate, keeping the Hummer as an exclusive and premium offering would likely make more sense.

In addition, the GMC Hummer will be sold through the existing GMC dealer network and will be sharing the floor with other GMC products like the Sierra and the Yukon. We will be getting the first glimpse of the Hummer pick up at the 2020 Super Bowl and GM has roped in LeBron James to make the official announcement.

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