It’s no secret that there is a prominent push towards electrification from manufacturers and governments alike. Every major car manufacturer has drawn up plans to electrify its lineup by 20-something. Even Genesis has jumped on the electric bandwagon and even though there is no official confirmation, it is an open secret that the premium wing of Hyundai is gunning big for electrification.

The company recently filed patents for electrified variants of its entire sedan lineup, namely, eG70, eG80, eG90. Along with the sedans, it also reserved the eGV70, eGV80 and eGV90 names, presumably for the company’s upcoming line of crossovers. No official details have been divulged by the manufacturer. But the company had made it clear that it will be looking to expand its lineup with alternate powertrains and electric sedans and SUVs seems to be the way forward for the company.

Interestingly though, earlier this year the company also showcased the Mint design study, an electric, small, city runabout vehicle in an attempt to ‘re-envision’ urban mobility. Looks like Genesis has quite the plans for the near future.

The main challenge, however, for the electric G70 will be that it will likely debut at the same time as the Mercedes EQ sedan and the Audi electric A4. The Genesis will be significantly more affordable than its German counterparts which should work in the eG70’s favor. The details are sketchy but we can expect the car to feature a dual motor setup with an 80kWh battery with a range of approximately 280 miles on a full charge. Expect the in car technology to be cutting edge as well.

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