Nissan has a longer-range Leaf E-Plus in the works, and new documents show the 60 kWh battery will cost an extra $5,500.

The pricing documents come from CarsDirect, which reported on the long-range Nissan Leaf on Tuesday. With a $5,500 premium over the standard car’s 40 kwh battery, the long-range Leaf variant will rival the Chevrolet Bolt EV. Chevy’s electric car starts at $37,495; the long-range Nissan Leaf will cost around $36,000 in S trim.

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The Nissan Leaf in SL trimmings with the larger battery pack will cost around $42,500, which is also in the ballpark of the Bolt EV’s $41,780 range-topping price. The extra $5,500 may be well-spent for Leaf customers, though. Nissan has confirmed any specs, but the long-range Leaf model will likely boast a 225-mile range. The figure is up from the standard car’s EPA-estimated 151-mile range, but would fall short of the Bolt EV’s estimated 238-mile range.

The report also suggests Nissan will no longer offer the 2019 Leaf with a 40 kwh battery in the SL trim. The car costs $37,000, while the leaked pricing suggests the long-range Leaf in the S trim with less content could be the better buy for consumers.

Should the documents prove true, Nissan will begin building the 2019 Leaf with the 60 kwh battery pack in January 2019, about five months after production of the base car began.

[Source: CarsDirect]