Now one year since the second-generation Volt was launched, 2,191 sales were reported in October.

Unlike September 2016, in which year-over-year sales were up a big 114 percent, October 2016’s sales for the extended-range EV are up a modest 7.7 percent compared to October 2015’s 2,035.

Those 2015 sales mostly in California and states following its emissions rules came after much anticipation had accrued for the fully revised 53-mile e-range Volt.

Volt watchers have hoped the car would break out to new highs this year given sales then in just 11 states were within realm of the first-generation Volt’s better months on record for the entire country.

As things have turned out, in this market in flux, the Volt with 18,517 sales year to date is just plodding along at a rate close to its two top sales years – 2012 and 2013.

In October 2012, the Volt was at 19,309 sales, and in October 2013, sales were at 18,782.

Its outright best full calendar year on record, 2012, saw 23,461 sales.

In order for the Volt to beat this, it must average 2,473 sales for November and December – a long shot, given it’s hovered within a couple hundred units of 2,000 consistently.

Later months do tend to see sales rise, with December being the strongest, as this timing lets buyers more-quickly recoup the federal tax credit after January.

As buyers also line up also now for the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV, the watchword as usual is we shall see.