Karma Automotive promised us it would bring three new EVs to the 2019 Shanghai Motor Show and we’re happy to report the Chinese-owned electric vehicle maker has made good on its word.

Perhaps the most relevant of these new Karma EVs is the 2020 Revero GT (above). An updated version of the Karma Revero sedan (which actually started out life as the Fisker Karma..) the new 2020 Revero GT has an all-new 528 hp hybrid electric powertrain that uses a new BMW TwinPower Turbo three-cylinder engine as a range extender. It also gets a larger 28 kWh lithium ion battery pack, which enables pure electric driving range of 80 miles, or 128 km. It will go on sale in Europe and the Middle East in 2020 before reaching Chinese shores in 2021.

Next up is the Karma Pininfarina GT Coupe. Designed by Italian design house Pininfarina, which is now owned by Indian automotive giant Mahindra, the Pininfarina GT Coupe drops a handsome two-door body overtop of the same platform and powertrain as the 2020 Revero GT. Karma claims it will put the Pininfarina GT Coupe into production if it receives enough interest in the vehicle, with Pininfarina set to build the car at its specialized production facility in Italy.

We’ve saved the most extreme for last. This Speed Racer-esque sports car is called the Karma SC1 Vision Concept. Unlike the Revero GT and Pininfarina GT Coupe, the SC1 Vision is fully electric. It’s only a concept for now, though, and is intended to attract interest in the automaker’s future EV. In addition to a pure electric powertrain, Karma says it features a prototype infotainment system with 5G connectivity, touch and voice control and eye tracking.

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In a statement, Karma CEO Dr. Lance Zhou said these three concepts represent the direction Karma is headed in.

“Taken together, our Shanghai Big Three shows what Karma is today, what Karma can be tomorrow, and where Karma is heading in the future,” he said.