The mystery over available range for the 2019 Nissan Leaf’s 60 kWh battery option may have been solved on a Twitter post.

Everyone following the gen-two EV knows the 40 kWh battery available for the first-year 2018 model will go 150 miles per charge. The unveiling also included news that a 60 kWh option will be available on the Leaf sometime next year – sans range.

Well, according to e Nissan executive, the larger battery pack will carry the Leaf over 225 miles per charge.

Auto journalist and Forbes columnist Bertel Schmitt tweeted Wednesday that he’d heard Daniele Schillaci, Nissan’s executive vice president of global sales and marketing, say that the next battery will provide “more than 225 mile range.”

When asked for more clarification, Schillaci said, “EPA,” implying that the battery’s range will follow the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s rating standard to reach the 225 mile mark.

For anyone disappointed with the 150-mile per charge announcement earlier this week, the Nissan Leaf will be in a much better place to compete directly with the base model Tesla Model 3 and its 220-mile expected range and the Chevy Bolt’s official EPA 238-mile range.

Nissan Leaf fans are anxious to hear more about the next battery’s range and the cost of the car. The new Leaf has a $29,900 starting price for its 150-mile range.

Questions came up for the InsideEVs team when comparing the next-gen battery for the Leaf with the current 60 kWh battery pack in the 238-mile Bolt. One of the questions being: Why will the Leaf have the same battery size but about 13 miles less range?

They’ve come to two possible conclusions: one being the Bolt just being designed more efficiently in weight, drivetrain, aerodynamics, or some combination of factors.

The other scenario is that the Leaf with the 60-kWh battery pack is only capable of using less of its overall battery capacity.

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The Leaf also lacks liquid cooling for its battery – a an extra expense and engineering solution Chevrolet included in the Bolt to ensure greater durability over the years.

The Nissan Leaf does benefit from having loyal fans who took the first available units in late 201, and 2011 onward – and who preached to the choir about how great it was. For those proud to be Leaf owners or fans, the 40 mile increase to 150-miles per charge was good news, and the near-term availability of the battery pack one third larger than the battery coming in the new Leaf was great news to hear.