Lucid Motors has revealed more on its modest production target and steep price for the Lucid Air electric sedan.

During a recent test ride event, the startup revealed that 255 units are set to be manufactured in 2019. As for the starting price, buyers will have to come up with $165,000 for the Launch Edition – a cool $100,000 more than Tesla’s base Model S.

Before the all-electric luxury sports sedan that can hit over 1,000 horsepower and go 0 to 60 mpg in 2.5 seconds can be delivered, the Lucid factory has to be built. The $700 million plant in Casa Grande, Ariz., is set to start production in 2018.

The first round being delivered in 2019 will have 130 kWh batteries that the company says will be able to deliver 400 miles of range.

Beyond the first 255 versions of the Launch Edition, the company said it will be scaling up production to bring out a cheaper edition. The non-launch edition will have a 100 kWh battery pack with an estimated range of about 300 miles or more.

Pricing for the second edition hasn’t been released, but InsideEVs speculates it will be a bit over $100,000.

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Lucid has been accepting reservations for either $2,500 or $25,500 for the Launch Edition.

The company has been sending out teaser photos and video from test drives in the San Francisco bay area.

The interior is just as cool as the exterior, the company says, with back seat comfort just as good as front seat.

“An innovative cabin design gives the Air luxury-sedan space in a midsize footprint that is perfect for city driving,” according to a blog post.

Inside EVs