Honda has issued a recall for the 2019 Insight over a failing rearview camera. In total, 6,000 of the hybrid cars will be recalled due to a rearview camera that may not display the image behind the driver properly.

Rearview cameras are now required safety equipment for all new cars, which makes any issue surrounding the systems eligible for safety recalls. Malfunctioning cameras violate U.S. law.

Instead, when selecting “Reverse” gear, the infotainment screen could instead show a black screen with only guidance lines.  The recall also serves as a way to fix other strange behaviors the system may display. Honda said in its recall filing with the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration that the screen may freeze with an incoming phone call, the navigation display could crash when re-routing or using voice recognition, and a blank screen problem when shifting the car into “Park.”

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The software update will fix all of the problems laid out in the recall, Honda said. For owners, the issues don’t require any new parts, and Honda supplied dealers with new software in early September. 2019 Insight owners should be able to schedule an appointment with their local dealer now to have the quirks ironed out.

The recall affects 226,000 vehicles total with 2018 Accord and potentially some Accord Hybrid models also affected.