Nissan is slowly letting out more information on the 2018 Leaf as its Sept. 6 debut date nears, today releasing a video demonstrating its advanced ProPilot Park technology.

The self-parking system is a part of Nissan’s ProPilot Assist suite of semi-autonomous driving tech. It uses sonar and cameras to guide the vehicle into a parking spot, controlling the braking, gas and steering inputs. All the driver has to do to activate the system is find their parking spot, push a button in the center console and watch the car do its thing. Nissan suggests they monitor their surroundings and apply the brakes if necessary, however.

In addition to ProPilot Park, the Leaf’s ProPilot Assist will enable autonomous driving on highways. Similar to the park assist system, the 2018 Leaf will be able to drive itself in a single lane at the push of a button, applying gas, brake and steering inputs as needed. Having both the parking and self-driving tech appear in production form on the Leaf is a major step forward for Nissan’s goal to one day bring autonomous vehicles to market.

The new Leaf is expected to carry a maximum driving range of 210-220 miles when it arrives later this summer. More information on the next EV will trickle out between now and then, but for now, you can see how its ProPilot Park assist works in the video embedded below.

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