New spy photos of the 2018 Nissan Leaf indicate that prior reports that it would appear more “mainstream” have been fulfilled.

Shot at a test track, with heavy camouflage masking removed, hints of the 2015 IDS concept can be seen, and gone are quirky design cues of the first generation.

No interior shots were provided by spy photographers.

The new Leaf is expected to have at least two battery options, and rumor has it that it may only get a smaller battery for year one, with ordering to begin after its official unveiling believed to be set for this September.

The Nissan IDS concept had a next-gen 60-kWh battery. It was revealed Oct. 2015.

Ultimately, a 60-kWh battery with potential to accept 150-kW fast charging and more than double its present 107 mile range from 30-kWh battery are expected.

We’d written in 2015 Nissan executives had hinted the IDS would lend style aspects to the new Leaf, and blended in also are elements reminiscent of the existing car and other Nissan family DNA.

Here’s one approximate matchup. Both cars have their better and worse angles.

When it goes on sale, its most-likely competitor will be the Chevy Bolt EV which has a 60-kWh battery and 238 miles range.

Other 200-mile EVs are coming as well, and really, if the new Leaf has only 150 or so miles range for the first year, other EVs may be cross-shopped as well.

Nissan’s Leaf is the world’s cumulative best-selling EV with more than a quarter million sold, and led the way as a major manufacturer effort since its launch in Dec. 2010.

Unknown are performance specs such as 0-30 and 0-60 mph, and many other details have yet to be told as well.

We’ll keep you posted as new info comes forth.