Rumors are circulating that the Nissan Leaf is about to get a range extension, thanks to a 40-kWh battery.

If true, come November Leaf buyers will be able to buy the car in three trims, with the base model having a 30-kWh battery, and the mid- and top-trims will get the 40-kWh battery. The 24-kWh battery will be discontinued.

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Push EVs reports that a Portuguese listing for the Leaf now shows the 30-kWh battery as being available on the base Leaf, and it also shows that it’s priced below the 24-kWh battery trim, a possible sign of the 24-kWh battery’s impending fade out.

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With a 40-kWh battery, the Leaf could boost its range to 140 miles.

With the Chevrolet Bolt launching this year and Tesla Model 3 and penciled in for next year, Nissan is likely looking to give the Leaf a longer range to better compete with those vehicles, which both promise a more than 200-mile range. A longer range will help Nissan bridge the gap until the next-gen Leaf is ready for sale.

Push EVs adds that the Renault Zoe could also get the 40-kWh battery, and speculates Renault and Nissan may be sharing more parts and components going forward.

“If Nissan and Renault will start sharing components as Carlos Ghosn suggested, the 40 kWh battery makes sense,” writes Pedro Lima, “since the Renault Zoe will also have one with the same capacity. Both Zoe and Leaf will probably have the same 192 cells but in a different package.”

If true, this means the second-generation Leaf might not launch until late 2017 or early 2018, as has been previously reported.

No official word has come from Nissan, so time will tell.

PushEVs, Clean Technica