Arriving next summer, a refreshed 2017 Mercedes-Benz S 550e will be available with wireless battery charging.

The technology being used works on a principal similar to wirelessly charging cell phones, and requires no cords or plugs to handle.

British publication, Autocar, reported that the induction charging system will consist of two coils: one placed on the floor of the car near the battery and the second located on the floor of a garage or covered parking space.

An electromagnetic field is formed between the two coils, facilitating the transfer of electrical energy.

Once the car is within range of the base plate, an in-car message will be displayed and the charging process will begin automatically.

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Electric power output is transferred at a rate of 3.6-kilowatt hours that Mercedes says is 90 percent as effective when compared to regular plug-in charging.

According to Autocar, Mercedes insiders believe the car’s charging procedure could be integrated with autonomous driving technology.

If so, the S 550e could drive itself over a charging point and top up power.

The updated 2017 S 550e is expected to continue with the same plug-in hybrid powertrain, but will reportedly have a larger lithium-ion battery pack that will have a longer 14-mile electric-only range than the current car.

With the company’s new $550 million battery factory in Germany, Mercedes intends to expand to 20 plug-in hybrid models by 2017 and reach 100,000 electric vehicle sales a year by 2020.