Another unofficial report of the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV’s series production start date has come forth marking the calendar for October.

This report comes from the reputable industry news source, Automotive News, which mentioned General Motors executives, showed an official timeline that did not state Bolt production time, and did not name a source from Chevrolet who explicitly said October.

Reports for Chevrolet’s $37,500 alternative to the Tesla Model 3 have been published by others before. To date, however, Chevrolet media communications have never specified an October production start. In fact, they have not even announced EPA certifications for MPGe, the mysterious “more than 200” mile range, nor has ordering been opened at Chevy dealers or online.

However, as reported by in May, when it obtained an early release of an unedited General Motors official production schedule, the month for “start of regular production” (SORP) is indeed some time during the month of October.

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That production schedule, intended for investors, was briefly published as a pdf online, but was pulled down, the date was removed, and it was replaced scrubbed free of the record. A copy of the un-edited pdf page is printed in this article.

GM's Orion plant has already done pre-production assembly, as indicted by the top photo, but regular series production date is not officially announced.

Click image to enlarge. GM’s Orion plant has already done pre-production assembly, as shown by the top photo, but the regular series production date is not officially announced.

Another detail added by Automotive News however is that GM initially plans “around 25,000 cars, which could include vehicles slated for export to China.”

Where it obtained this information is likewise not explicitly stated.

In former communications with, GM media rep Kevin M. Kelly said if orders for as many as 50,000 Bolts came, GM could fill it. Kelly was also very clear to avoid any specific s of “production” volume. He merely said there would be no bottleneck, without naming the total production run, or production capacity.

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This said, it may very well be correct what Automotive News reports, if its sources were indeed the source, albeit without attribution.

Officially, Chevrolet says stay tuned.

“Nothing to add for the piece,” said Chevrolet Bolt media rep Fred Ligouri today neither confirming nor denying the Automotive News report, “but we are excited to begin Bolt EV production later this year.”

Ligouri said Chevrolet will announce Bolt EPA certifications and open ordering closer to when it is ready to stock dealers following the as-yet unofficial time of series production.

A media drive is also expected to drum up increased awareness for the car in time for sales to start as well.

Automotive News, via Green Car Reports