As now five automakers have said mainstream-focused 200-mile range electric cars are pending, BMW says its current generation i3 will get up to 50-percent more range.

The German automaker has not said what the next-generation i3 will offer, and its approximately 110-125-mile new range estimates may buy time as only the Chevy Bolt is due this year, while cars from Nissan, Tesla, Ford, and Hyundai are a few years out.

BMW’s i3 is an advanced vehicle that brought carbon fiber reinforced plastic into mass production, established BMW’s new sustainable i-series, and currently is rated by the U.S. EPA 81 miles for the pure EV, and 72 miles for the range-extended version.

BMW i3 Mailer. Source InsideEVs, via Martin Lee/BMW i3 FB Discussion Group.

BMW i3 mailer. Source InsideEVs, via Martin Lee/BMW i3 FB discussion group.

A 50-percent range increase would be 121 miles for the battery electric car, and 108 miles for the range-extended model. This range would make it competitive with current offerings such as the 107-mile 2016 Nissan Leaf, but not be exactly cutting edge next to cars with up to 60-kWh batteries.

It has been reported BMW will redesign the i3’s 22-kilowatt-hour battery to create greater range capacity, but an official announcement with more-concrete details may not come until next week, says InsideEVs.

The range increase has been expected since late last year, and this week news broke it was pending when BMW mailing list recipients began receiving flyers announcing the car that could be available this summer.