Audi may be lagging behind with EVs at the moment, but it’s reportedly working on two long-range electric SUVs to go head to head against the BMW i3 and Tesla Model X respectively.

According to Autobild, the A2Q small SUV concept (pictured) is an answer to BMW’s first i-series city car and aiming for an astonishing 310 miles (500 km) range with launch around 2018.

The larger Q6 EV intending to square off against Tesla’s Model X promises 435 miles (700 km) estimated range and could be built by 2017.

2014 Q6.

2014 Q6.

As we’ve seen before, European range estimates can be optimistic, but even if these were to produce 75 percent of the estimate, they’d be leagues ahead of what is today offered.

This implies also superior energy density is pending, and only so-good batteries at present are among reasons cited for why the Germans have been less than gung-ho about pushing EVs now.

Also unlike pure design approaches by BMW or Tesla, Audi is looking to build on existing internal combustion vehicle architecture, rather than designing purpose-built EVs.


At the same time therefore, Audi intends to stretch its market potential for all the effort, and offer gas, diesel, and plug-in hybrid versions of its SUVs as well.

The A2Q will rely on the modular MQB architecture used also with VW Golf and Audi A3, but it will offer a unique aerodynamic silhouette reminiscent of the earlier A2, and not to be confused with an e-Golf.

The Q6, which is a derivative of the popular Q5, will reportedly be assembled in Mexico, “not China,” said Autobild.

Audi’s unique single frame grille is expected to get more discrete along with other evolutionary styling cues.

Of the German language report, the source said, even though Audi’s plans are not officially confirmed, “AUTO BILD knows the plans of Bavaria” implying a high degree of certainty these vehicles are in the works. via Autoguide