Chevy is adding two appetizing new color options for the 2016 Spark: Kalamata Olive and Toasted Marshmallow.

It’s part of Chevy’s redesign strategy to keep the Spark playful, while adding an element of sophistication. Ed Welburn, General Motor’s vice president of global design, said the changes take the Spark to whole new level.

“Spark has really been a cool car with a great personality, but this next generation of Spark has matured without getting older,” Welburn said in an interview with Auto World News.

“It still has the character that it had in the first-gen car … It’s really progressed. I think that the organization really built on what was a successful car, and it has grown in a very positive way.

The 2016 Chevrolet Spark in Lime Green.

The 2016 Chevrolet Spark in Lime Green.

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Color selections for the current Spark already sound like a menu sample, with tasty options like Grape Ice, Salsa Red, Lime Green and Lemonade. (The 2015 Spark is also available in the blander flavors of Denim, Summit White, Black Granite and Silver Ice.)

“The first generation Spark’s colors allowed us to explore some fun, creative names,” said Dora Nowicki, marketing manager for the 2016 Spark. “We had an opportunity to continue this trend with the new Spark. When it came time to name new colors for the 2016 model, we brought color samples to the table and challenged our launch team to let their creativity run wild.”

But Chevy says don’t expect the two new colors to be an identical match to their food namesake. Toasted Marshmallow, for example, will be a soft cream. Despite a childlike name that elicits memories of evenings around the campfire, designers said the Toasted Marshmallow is instead meant to raise the hatchback’s level of refinement.

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“We’ve seen a resurgence in creamy colors, much like warm white, soft neutrals or even a latte-like hue,” said Kathy Sirvio, senior design manager of Chevrolet’s Color & Trim studio.

“Our team felt Toasted Marshmallow’s warmth brings a sophistication and maturity to Spark, while a hint of metallic flake allows the car to maintain its expressive form language.”

Following the same concept, the design team said that Kalamata Olive will be a rich purple that’s expressive, but not as bold as some of the other options.