With sales in Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand – but not the U.S. despite American plug-in enthusiasts wishing it were here – the only plug-in hybrid SUV in the bunch is a strong contender.

Its cumulative sales are now 48,941 through end of last year and should be by now the fifth plug-in model to surpass the 50,000 unit sales milestone. The Outlander jumped 75 percent from 2013 and it sold nearly as well as the number-two-best selling Tesla Model S which has stumped many humbler PEVs and most of its sales do come from the U.S.

Is this proof more automakers need to think SUV? Sure Volvo and Audi are bringing in nice luxurious plug-in hybrid SUVs but the Mitsu hits a sweet spot.

Its approximately high 20s to 31-mile estimated electric range doesn’t hurt it one bit, and that it’s not a super gussied up vehicle but comparatively mid-market probably helps as well.

In the U.S., Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV is holding down the fort with a water pistol’s worth of sales power struggling through 2014 with 196 sales despite being offered in 50 states.

Mitsubishi has repeatedly delayed the Outlander Plug-in Hybrid in this market that’s three-times larger than the next largest. Mitsubishi says it is battery supply constrained. The latest now is we may see the Outlander PHEV in 2016 after the model range is refreshed.