Gasoline might be inexpensive these days but plug-in cars are still increasing global market share.

Comprised of all-electric and plug-in hybrids, and generally known as plug-in electrified vehicles (PEVs), the global stock crested past 712,000 cumulative sales through December 2014 and is still accelerating.

Among nationwide markets, the U.S. is by far the largest PEV consumer – its 290,000 cumulative sales is nearly three-times the volume of the next-nearest China (113,355). And this is followed by Japan (104,877), and within a few hundred of each other is Netherlands (43,762), France (43,605), and Norway (43,442) to round out the top six nations.

As for calendar year 2014, while non-plug-in hybrid vehicles declined in the U.S. last year by 18.3 percent from 2013, and in the face of cheap gas, plug-in sales rose 23 percent to 118,682.

Sales for all-electric vehicles versus plug-in hybrids sees some PHEVs doing better than EVs, but the top two global best sellers are all-electric.

Following, with input from alternative-energy vehicle tracker Mario R. Duran are the world’s top best-selling cars for 2014. Ironically three of them are not sold in the U.S., and notable also is some are sold only in a few markets, while others are re-badged.