General Motors began delivering its extended-range Cadillac ELR to its nationwide dealer network yesterday.

Production takes place at the same Detroit-Hamtramck plant that builds the Chevy/Holden Volt and Open/Vauxhall Ampera variants – for domestic and overseas markets as the case may be.

The Cadillacs will be delivered to first buyers in January, the automaker says, and part of the package is a pampering customer service treatment that may even exceed the already good service Volt owners get with their “Volt Advisors.”

In Cadillac’s case, prospective buyers and owners of the ELR will have access to their own ELR Concierge Representative promising white glove treatment.

GM’s Fastlane blog also notes customers can call 1-855-INFO-ELR (1-855-463-6357) for info on such things a battery care, service scheduling, news and updates.

The automaker notes also the Detroit-Hamtramck plant’s assembly line for a Cadillac marks the return for the brand after a two-year hiatus. Previously the Cadillac DTS was built there from 2006-2011.

The first car ever produced there was a Cadillac also, and that was the Eldorado in Feb. 4, 1985.

“The plant has built some of GM’s best-selling and most important cars,” said GM noting also it’s represented by UAW Local 22.

Presently built there besides the cars mentioned are the Chevrolet Impala and Malibu.