With a revised sticker price starting at $34,995 – $5,000 less than last year – Chevrolet is now trucking 2014 Volts to respective participating dealers around the U.S.

Today Chevrolet Communications spokesperson Michelle Malcho confirmed the launch began earlier this month, and said it depends upon the dealership as to timing of their arrival.

Talk had been of the car being released a couple months sooner, but that decision was pushed off following plenty of inventory still left over and a discount program for $4,000 for 2013s and $5,000 for 2012s.

Two new colors for 2014 will be made available.

Two new colors for 2014 will be made available.

Yesterday Chevrolet of Canada also gave official confirmation that a Canadian $5,000 cut from the Canadian Volt price would also be offered.

Spec-wise, there is nary a difference between 2013 and 2014. The car has been highly awarded as an extended range electric vehicle; the recipient of top owner satisfaction ratings.

It is loosely cross shopped with the all-electric Nissan Leaf and plug-in hybrid Ford Fusion Energi among others, but given its 38 miles EPA-rated all-electric range with gas back-up, there is no head-to-head competitor to the Volt.