Last year we reported Chevrolet had begun 2013 Volt production in early June, and by July they were shipping to dealerships, but this year, it appears nothing more regarding the 2014 Volt will be even announced until August.

This deviates from previous word we received a few months ago when we were told 2014 details would be announced in June 2013, but that month came and went without explanation.

The latest today is a brief bit of news saying news will be coming later.

“The 2014 model year Volt is estimated to begin in mid-August,” said Chevrolet Communications Representative Michelle Bunker Malcho. “At that time we will announce additional product and pricing details.”

We asked her to clarify if this was when production would start as that seemed implied.

To this we were told GM has gotten away from divulging info one way or the other on production schedules.

Reasons for the difference in timing this year include, but are not limited to: 1) GM is still working on its original 2013 production schedule which it has not fulfilled to date, and numbers of which it is not at liberty to divulge; 2) There remain a good number of unsold 2013s still to be moved off of dealers’ lots; 3) production schedules normally do vary year by year. As a reminder, we were told the car was launched in November 2010, so changeover at the factory is not on any set month.

Not commented on is whether GM will be making any last minute changes to the car. Nor will GM state when exactly the 2014 Volt production will begin. Will it be August? September? No comment.

Recently, one Web report had gone out saying that July 15 was the start-up date for Volt production at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant, with the implication that this news followed a visit to the plant.

But whether that was ever in consideration, GM is not confirming that now, and Malcho indicated that was essentially an incorrect report.

News so far has been of two new exterior colors – Ashen Gray Metallic and Brownstone Metallic – but unlike last year, an increase in battery kilowatt hours is not expected.

The 2011 Volt utilized a 16-kwh LG-Chem battery pack, and the 2013 upgraded that same pack to 16.5 and in doing so, it delivered three more miles of electric range and an increase to 98 MPGe as well.

Aside from two new colors, this year little more is known to be pending other than minor changes to interior trim.

Also unknown is whether GM will mark down prices beyond the temporary discounts it began that contributed to June sales cresting to almost 2,700 units – up from 1,607 in May and 1,306 in April.

Early this year when Nissan was preparing to begin Tennessee production of its 2013 all-electric Leaf, it did permanently reduce prices for the SV and SL trim levels while also introducing an S level for $6,000 less than the 2012 SV.

Eyes will be on Chevrolet as to what else it has planned for the 2014 Volt, if anything, and it now says next month will be when it chooses to disclose this information.