For 2013 Porsche returns the Panamera S Hybrid luxury sedan to the U.S. market with no changes except for new buttons for the door locks and a few new colors.

The car was launched in 2012 with the powertrain essentially the same as the 380-horsepower supercharged six plus electric motor as found in the Cayenne S Hybrid, and VW Toureg Hybrid.

Panamera S Hybrid ghost

Sales last year averaged 47 per month for a total of 570 units in calendar year 2012, and we have a full review you can read here, for more details.

Details In Brief

Its 3.0-liter gas engine plus 47-horsepower electric motor and nickel-metal hydride battery pack make for a healthy increase in efficiency without sacrificing the performance characteristics demanded of a car wearing the Porsche crest.

The powertrain actually boasts more horsepower per liter than some V8s in Porsche’s stable, and deviates further from tame hybrid practice by channeling all that power through an eight-speed Tiptronic S transmission.

Panamera S Hybrid Int-2

Porsche styled the car to look a lot like a stretched 911 for which photos rarely do it justice. Whatever you think of the styling – some have panned it, while many love it, in part due to the imbued panache of being a Porsche with functionality of a super sedan – the inside is well appointed.

The vehicle is resplendent in tasteful luxury and high technology befitting a vehicle priced just shy of six figures.

Panamera S Hybrid Int-1

As for that mentioned practicality, its hatchback allows space behind the rear seats to expand from 11.6 cubic feet to 40.7 cubic feet.

Being a Porsche, the car is intended to give up nothing to other sedans in its class in the realm of driving, and here too, it does not disappoint.

It trots from 0-60 mph in 5.7 seconds – 0.4 seconds quicker than the Cayenne S Hybrid and a half second slower than the V8-equipped Panamera S.

Cornering prowess is in line also with its non-hybrid brethren and braking too is powerful.


The value offered by this car should be weighed in light of the fact it gets substantially better fuel economy with nearly on-par performance for just $4,800 more on the Porsche price list than the V8-equipped Panamera S.

More to the point, the Panamera S Hybrid stickers for $96,150 – up from $95,000 last year. The Suggested retail price for the Panamera S is $91,350/ For your reference, an entry level Panamera is $75,850.

Panamera S Hybrid driving rear 2

If you are in the market for this kind of car, the hybrid does offer a decent proposition and is worth looking into further. Aside from our more detailed 2012 review of the same car, more info can be found also at Porsche’s USA Web site.