Nissan’s Leaf saw an uptick in sales for March with 1,246 units representing a 34 percent year over year increase.

The all-electric car sold just 930 units in February, and a mere 755 in the slow month of January, so things are better, but not ideal.

Compared to the car’s best year, 2014, when it reigned supreme with a record 30,200 sales for the year or an average 2,500 per month, the vehicle is down.

This may not be surprising, what with future EVs that promise 200-plus mile range such as the Chevy Bolt going into production at the end of this year, and the just-revelead Tesla Model 3 penciled in for late 2017 first deliveries.

The Leaf, launched first as a 73-mile range car in 2011, for 2016 was revised a second time to as much as 107 miles EPA-rated range for two upper trim levels.

A No Charge to Charge promo offering free public charging for two years as well as inexpensive leases have helped its appeal.