Zenith’s Fiat-Based EV To Use UQM Drivetrain

After a year of competitive testing, Zenith Motors has selected UQM Technologies, Inc. to provide PowerPhase Pro 135 systems as the drivetrain in its all-electric shuttle vans.

Shipments of the PowerPhase Pro 135 systems to Zenith Motors are scheduled to begin in June 2013.

“This agreement with Zenith Motors demonstrates the strength of our product variety, giving us the ability to provide the right power and efficiency for a broad customer base,” said Eric R. Ridenour, president and chief executive officer of UQM Technologies, Inc. “Zenith Motors will be using our PowerPhase Pro 135 volume production system, which complements our larger PowerPhase HD systems for heavier commercial vehicle applications.”

The UQM PowerPhase Pro 135 is part of the PowerPhase Pro family of vehicle electrification products and provides a peak torque of 340 Nm, peak power of 135 kilowatt and 60 kilowatt of continuous power.

“After a year of extensive testing, we have selected UQM as the supplier of choice for our vehicles,” said Bill Yung, chief executive officer of Zenith Motors, LLC. “The systems performed well providing the capability, efficiency and reliability that we are looking for in an electric motor and controller system for our shuttle vans.”

zenith_vanKentucky-based Zenith Motors describes itself as a manufacturer of electric shuttle vans for hospitals, schools, airports, parking facilities and the hospitality industry.

Zenith’s vehicle is based on a Fiat commercial vehicle that will soon be available in North America under Chrysler’s Ram brand as the ProMaster.

Chrysler has announced the ProMaster will be available as a cargo vehicle, but has not yet announced details about the North American availability of a passenger version.

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