Yo-Auto Promises First Russian Hybrid in 2012


This week Russian automaker Yo-Auto said it would begin offering Russia its first hybrid car by December 2012.

The company caught attention at the Frankfurt auto show when it showed an avant-garde model with sliding doors (see video below) as one of the unique vehicles to be offered by billionaire company founder, Mikhail Prokhorov, 46.

Yo-Auto has said for its first models, it would like to sell “peoples’ cars” for under $10,000 each.

It is now accepting pre-orders for the vehicles which have the option to run on CNG or petrol, and either two- or four-wheel drive.

Other features Yo-Auto promises to equip as standard include:

• Multifunctional steering wheel

• Touchscreen control panel

• Climate control

• GPS navigation system

• Automatic ICE start/stop

• Remote diagnostics

• Audio amplifier output

• Optional rear view camera

• Optional road signs module recognition

• Multimedia system with “extended ё-functionality,” internet access, audio or video playback from external USB storage devices, hands-free phone system.

Yo-Auto has also been racing a hybrid car using a rotary vane engine that works on petrol and natural gas and is linked to a pair of electric motors. This “Yo-Mobile” uses a super-capacitor instead of a lithium-ion battery pack.

While more details have yet to come forth about its inexpensive production car, the company’s site also shows a light commercial truck and a passenger crossover utility vehicle, says it has major plans, and explained some of its philosophy as follows:

At various times, different countries have produced people’s cars. The main features of such vehicles were related to mass production and price.

Why then do we call ё-mobile vehicles people’s cars? Hundreds of Russian inventors, qualified engineers, and common, self-educated people were involved in the development of the ё-mobile’s design. More than 3,000 design solutions were received by our company in less than a year, and among them we have discovered profound applications that facilitate production technology. Therefore, everything is dedicated to achieving the best, most-affordable consumer properties.

In general, the ё-mobile concept refuses to consider any inefficient solutions.

“We have also created a database of breakthrough developments for the future development of the ё-mobile and other products,” the company continues. “If you have ideas that can be implemented in the ё-mobile’s design, please send them to: ginzbourg@yo-auto.ru”

So Yo-Auto’s designs involve collaboration writ large, and the company itself is actually a joint venture between truck manufacturer Yarovit Motors and Prokhorov’s Onexim Group located near St. Petersburg, Russia.

Prokhorov also owns the New Jersey Nets basketball team and has announced his intention to run for the Russian presidency in 2012 against current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

He made his $18 billion or so in metals and banking, was ranked by Forbes as third richest person in Russia, 32nd richest in the world, and one of his personal modes of transportation is a 202-foot yacht that he reportedly charters out for $325,000 per week.

With regards to his political aspirations, Prokhorov recently said on Russian TV, “If I become president, I won’t be able to party anymore,” and, “If the country says it’s necessary, I’ll marry.”

In 2007 he was detained for several days by French police on charges of “pimping” while vacationing with friends and eight women believed to be prostitutes.

Meanwhile, as a member of the one-tenth of one percent, he says he is willing to be just as sober as he attempts to put many of his countrymen belonging to the 99 percent into his company’s innovative, frugal, but well-equipped green automobiles.

“I have a very strong team and a highly-skilled and professional staff and all the projects I announced in business will be implemented in full,” he said.

Yo-Auto’s annual production capacity is estimated at 45,000 cars. Intentions are to double this after a second stage of the plant is built.


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  • River

    Am I the only one to ask myself how these doors will “perform” in “winter” if the car is covered with ice?

  • Max Reid

    Looks great. $10,000 looks so low for a Hybrid and that too with CNG option. But Russia has got brilliant engineers and also low production cost. Would like to see the car hitting Russian Roads.

    Also it has super capacitor. Its another great feature.
    Last week, I bought a crank flash light with capacitor inside instead of battery in IKEA for just $5. So capacitor is slowly coming to market place.

    The Yo-Car concept has a new type of door which are lot more functional than any other vehicle. For the driver and co-passenger, we can just open the door a little bit, and when the rear passenger also want to get it, then the doors can be opened fully. If this concept is implemented successfully, then there wont be sedans or coupes any more.

  • Max Reid

    Gazprom the World’s largest natgas company is going to support Yo-Mobile since they can sell more gas which is very significant.


    Meanwhile Iran is the world’s largest CNG vehicle base with 2.859 million vehicles and there are 14.4 million vehicles worldwide.

    Russia has the World’s largest natgas reserves and its natural for them to use vehicles made by Yo-mobile.

    Even in USA, I see many vans having the blue diamond CNG symbol.

  • MrEnergyCzar

    At least they’ll have the gas to fuel it….


  • Mr. Fusion

    @ RIver: I asked the same questions when this car first showed up on this site.

    The more conventional door redesign should do just fine however.

    Love the idea of a cheap people’s car. It’s about time. Nice list of features too.

  • Capt. Concernicus

    Looks like a true champ! Can’t wait for it to come to the U.S. I’ll trade in my Prius for this in a heartbeat. Hahahahaha….

  • Anonymous

    this car is the best car in the world

  • Anonymous

    shut upp

  • Shines

    Hmm, anyone else remember the Yugo? Nice list of features, I wonder how many of them will work… (hopefully the Russians build higher quality than the Slavs)
    Hey Max Reid, you notice on the video clip that the windows have to be rolled down for the door to open on that prototype? Getting in and out on a rainy day could be a damp experience.


    LoL Idiot?
    Car are not covered in Ice in winter its called snow.Lol
    Dnow is soft there for it will b no problem. haha
    You dmust be driving hydrogen car lol, then how u put water in gas tank when that water turns to ice? lol

  • My Name

    Hey look on the brightside of every one having sliding doors no more idiots hiting ur car with the doore at parking lsot and no more That Very Same idiots complaining about people parking on 2 parking spots.

  • slav

    the russians are slavs too.

  • tapra1

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    Best thanks.


    Sebastian Tropp

  • passionlab

    So Yo-Auto’s designs involve collaboration writ large, and the company itself is actually a joint venture between truck manufacturer Yarovit Motors and Prokhorov’s Onexim Group located near St. Petersburg, Russia.
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