Yamaha Shows MOTIV.e City Car EV In Tokyo

Yamaha and Gordon Murray Design unveiled the MOTIV.e city car at the 43rd tokyo motor show 2013.

The duo said the MOTIV.e utilizes ground breaking manufacturing and materials technology while delivering a new level of driver experience which emanates from the Yamaha Motor Company DNA.

Planned with Europe in mind, this automobile currently under research and development pursues the driving pleasure generated from the sense of unity with the machine the driver feels.


Yamaha said this new idea for a personal vehicle for urban areas was born while researching and developing multi-wheeled vehicles that stay true to the original appeal of a motorcycle. The lightweight, high-rigidity, high-strength chassis, independent suspension for each wheel, rear-motor/rear-wheel-drive layout, aerodynamic body shell and a power unit loaded with the company’s engine technology represents a package, said Yamaha, that creates a type of driving fun with a link to motorcycling – an entirely new experience.

Yamaha explained the vehicle’s most distinctive feature is the skeleton frame based on the iStream process. The frame uses a combination of steel tube piping and composite materials, and has the adaptability to be modified to accommodate various chassis designs and power units.

Yamaha_MOTIVe_Interior-425iStream is a manufacturing and design process to produce optimal engineering and safety designs that was proposed by Gordon Murray Design Limited and originating in Formula One racing cars.

The partners said MOTIV.e represents a new starting point for urban mobility vehicles and sets new standards in the ultra compact 4 wheeler segment.

This MOTIV.e is said to be 100 kg lighter than a smart car, vehicle which would be its main competitor.

The show vehicle is powered by UK-sourced Zytec EV components, but word is the production car, if ever approved by Yamaha’s board, will be powered by a 1.0 liter 3-cylinder engine sending power to the rear wheels through a 6-speed dual-clutch transmission.

For now, the MOTIV.e is shown in Tokyo as a design study to test public reaction.



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