Yahoo! Series Built Around Electric Focus

Ford’s Focus Electric launch will be promoted through “Plugged In,” Yahoo!’s first reality competition series.

Beginning in May and timed to the availability of Focus Electric in multiple U.S. markets, the series will be broadcasted exclusively on Yahoo! Screen.

The show features two-person teams competing against each other in a series of challenges centered on the chance to win a Ford Focus Electric. Viewers are encouraged to share comments about each episode and upload photos of favorite places in their hometown to a special Flickr group page created for the program.

Of course, the Focus Electric plays a prominent role in the competition as the car’s SYNC with MyFord Touch system will be how teams receive video, text and audio clues for the content. In addition, the car’s navigation capabilities are used to help teams get from point to point, and hands-free calling will be used when the contest requires teams to make calls.

The Plugged In campaign is paired with Ford’s electrified vehicle Web site including a “Ford for Me” function that allows consumers to describe their driving habits so the best electrified vehicle technology can be matched to their needs. More than 200,000 visitors already have visited the Ford site.

According to Ford, the Focus Electric is America’s most fuel-efficient five-seat car that offers the equivalent of 110 miles per gallon (MPGe) city/99 MPGe highway and operates entirely on battery-generated power. Focus Electric also has been certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to offer 105 MPGe combined.

Ford is ramping up Focus Electric retail production in the first half of 2012 for dealership availability in California, New York and New Jersey. By year-end, the Focus Electric will be available in 19 markets across the United States.

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