Will the Tesla Model 3 Dashboard Have No HVAC Vents?

When people first set eyes on the bare dashboard of prototype Tesla Model 3s last year, conspicuously missing were HVAC vents, but that may not have been because they were as unfinished as some thought.

According to a believed-reliable source, the new 215-plus-mile EV starting at $35,000 and due this year may sport a novel vent-free HVAC system that simply flows air uniformly from discrete openings.

The source, says “the A/C system uses the entire width of the dash to blow air from a centrally mounted fan,” according to Jalopnik.

This presumably would work for the heat and venting too, and may adopt lessons from Dyson which uses hidden impellers in its “bladeless” fans.

The idea also, as the conjecture goes from the source that “seems to be close to Tesla,” is that the system would be quieter, neater, and visually minimalist with no strategically placed vents along the dash.

If the speculation is true, the Model 3 would follow a Tesla tradition of doing things differently from mainstream automakers. Its Falcon Wing doors, and panoramic windshield on the Model X were two examples, and before that the Model S set the tone with a Spartan interior and nearly button-free interface.

But as some Model X customers have found out, different is not always better, and the “Pano” windshield is known at certain times and conditions to distort the view, and the Falcon Wing doors, also have their share of detractors.

With the Model 3, if it does not have vents, this may not address some peoples’ desire to focus a vent where needed. Thus the novelty factor of climate control more like a home’s than an automobile’s may be an unwanted tradeoff for those who prefer those “clunky” and noisier old school vent advantages.

But at this stage, given how qualified Jalopnik is in saying the story may or may not be true, the best recommendation is reserve judgment.

Tesla promises a radically innovative car, knows it needs to hit a home run with its first high volume seller, so we’ll just wait and see.


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