Will Monday Mark a New Beginning For the Chevy Volt?

The 2016 Chevy Volt, the first plug-in car to receive a full redesign, will be revealed Monday in Detroit, and eyes are on General Motors as to how it will manage its new product.

A question that will remain even during and after the initial disclosure is how the vehicle will be received this year by the general public and it’s expected the media will have a heyday contriving stories, churning up tons of information on the second go-around.

Some of the past lore involves details some Volt fans will be glad is behind them, and the hope is a new beginning may be in the making.

And to be sure, positive details are many. For starters, it’s considerd remarkable by some that the first Volt was ever built by a restructured new GM in the first place. And now after mixed results, it’s carrying forward the new car having listened, it says, to the most enthusiastic supporters who’ve bought the first generation car.

For the “fast followers” as the marketing parlance has it for next-wave buyers behind “early adopters,” if there were ever an objection not to buy the first generation of any product – let alone an all-new big ticket item like a car – that objection is gone.

Many new buyers may be willing to entertain the notion that GM has fixed perceived issues, or otherwise evolved the product.

The present Volt already has very high customer satisfaction ratings and it’s been documented how many conquest sales and new faces to GM it’s brought.

But for some time now GM has marketed the car mainly to California where easily 40 percent of the sales come from, and at tech events.

Will it break out of a niche status? Again, GM has hinted the answer could be yes, but wide open is the question of by how much?

While we’ll have plenty of fodder to speculate on this question and more on Monday, its mainstream acceptability factor will not be known with absolute certainty Monday, and will be something that proves out in time.

Look here Monday Jan. 12 at 12:01 a.m. eastern time (Sunday Jan. 11 at 9:01 p.m. Pacific time) for a story revealing specifics on efficiency, performance, and more.

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