Prius Wagon Concept

Many hybrid car buyers need more space than a compact or midsize sedan, but not everybody wants an SUV.

Prius Wagon Modification

How hard could it be to turn a Prius into a station wagon?

Why hasn’t Toyota or Honda — or any other hybrid manufacturer — stepped in with a hybrid station wagon? Once the quintessential family car, wagons have fallen out of favor. With renewed interest in lower emissions and better MPG, the time is right to bring it back.

This is the Prius Wagon concept by Rob Mitchell, an independent graphic artist, musician and surfer from Venice, Calif.

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  • sarah

    pleeeeease manufacture a hybrid wagon!!! with two kids and a dog, I really need a wagon. I don’t want an SUV or Minivan and that leave sme no options in terms od space. The stylish wagon is totally back in style!!

  • LiquidSoapDispenser

    How hard would it be for Honda or Toyota to retool an existing model into a wagon? I believe there is a huge population just waiting for this hybrid to come out! Let’s hope Toyota and Honda realize this. Hell, even if Ford built a decent Hybrid wagon, I bet it would sell extremely well (not to mention help Ford’s stock price by demonstrating that the company could lead). It seems crazy that no one has capitalized on this missing hybrid class of vehicle.

    Also check out the long discussion on a forum:

  • Chris

    🙂 I like the hybrid wagon idea – I drive a wagon too. They should make it an all wheel drive (or at least an AWD option). Maybe they could make it a little sportier looking and then steal Subaru’s thunder?! Wagons are a little heavier, so the mileage wouldn’t be quite as good. I drive a 2000 Ford Focus wagon, and the mileage is not all that great. But I’m sure Toyota could pull it off. It would have to be much better looking that the artists rendering for anyone to buy it though. That thing is pretty fugly.

  • Rob

    Please sign the petition asking for a hybrid wagon!

  • American River Man

    I went to Japan in September 2006 and visited Amlux Toyota, the largest (factory) dealership / showroom in Japan whcih is exclusively Toyota. On dispaly were 3 versions of the “Estima” hybrid minivan which had just gone on sale in Japan. It was based entirely on the Prius drivetrain with modifications for the vechile’s larger weight. Sad fact is again that Toyota has the technology but it appear unwilling to bring this to the USA.

  • Collin Burnell


  • Paige Goodpasture

    I have been an unhappy but resigned minivan driver for years, and am now looking at the possibility of going back to a wagon, but there are no hybrid choices on the horizon! PLEASE don’t make me buy a minivan or an SUV! I need that extra space — kids, dogs, cargo — but hate driving such a big vehicle. I want a wagon!

  • Bruce Cameron

    I have been frustrated at the lack of wagons for the past decade as the automakers discontinued them to cater to the insatiable American appetite for SUV’s. Currently, I’m driving a ’95 Accord wagon, attempting to squeeze a few more years out of it until Honda or Toyota make a hybrid wagon. A Prius or Honda Fit wagon would be fantastic. Bring it on!

  • Rudy

    After doing extensive research to replace my 12-year old Saturn wagon I’ve come up empty-handed. No auto manufacturer is offering anything comparable in the U.S.: 35 mpg highway / substantial cargo space with totally flat fold-down rear seats / no-frills interior / car platform instead of the bulky SUV platform / price tag around $20-$22K.

    Toyota could claim the substantial market share of people who reject the concept of the SUV, need the extra cargo/people space, can’t/won’t pay the price of the new ‘tall wagons’, and who want to act environmentally responsible by getting better gas mileage.

    We’re ready. Are you?

  • Peggy

    I too am waiting for a hybrid wagon. Currently driving a Honda Accord and love it but it is starting to show it’s wear and doesn’t really fit my life now that I have a kid, dog, etc. It really upsets me that they make a Honda Accord Hybrid, and Honda Accord Wagons in other countries but won’t bring them to the US. It should at least be an option. I also would buy a Toyota wagon in a heartbeat. I don’t want to buy any type of SUV or minivan. So when my car finally dies I will either have to get a car that doesn’t fit my needs if I buy a hybrid, or buy the Passat or Suburu wagon. I sure hope they are listening, there is a market for this car and the first automaker to come up with it is going to have no problem selling it, built in consumers.

  • christine

    wagons are my favorite, as i am not willing to drive an SUV but need more space than a comapct.
    PLease make the wagons so there are more options for us who want to buy a hybrid!!

  • Ryan

    The only reason I cant buy any of the high milage hybrids (Prius and Honda Civic Hybrid) is because I cant fit surfboards in it. With a wagon I could fit my longboard inside when I decide to surf my shortboard, or need to lock them inside.

    The Ford Escape does not have a high enough milage difference over the V4 escape to make it worth it.

  • Nancy

    I have loved my 91 Camry wagon to death. I’ve been looking for years for a replacement wagon, but Toyota & Honda aren’t making them (or are they just not available for US market?). I’m considering a Prius – if there was a Prius Wagon I’d buy it in a heartbeat! How do we petition the automakers to make these vehicles. Once I buy a replacement car (probably within next few months), I’ll be out of the buying market for 12-15 more years.

  • Angela K

    I have two kids, two dogs and a husband who is 6 ft 2 in. tall. Please make a Prius Wagon with more legroom in the front and min. 40 mpg hwy. We are ready to buy it!

  • Susan


    We drive a Ford Escort wagon for our dog. We hate it because it’s a piece of junk and that is why we will not get a Ford Focus wagon which has good cargo space and 30/35 mpg if you get the 5 speed manual.

    We will probably try to make do with a Prius hatchback but would love a wagon and would love Toyota reliability.

    For those needing more space try getting a Thule roof rack and box. We have managed to avoid the minivan route by doing this.

  • Kjell

    I totally agree with everyone – where is the wagon? I’m a semi-professional musician and need a wagon for my gear. I bought a VW Golf TDI and run it on biodiesel now – but I totally would go for a Civic, Camry, Accord, or Prius hybrid wagon!

  • brenda

    I am also wanting a hybrid wagon. Do reps from the automakers read comments on this website? I have a kid and 100 lb dog. Where is the DOG supposed to fit in the hybrids currently available on the market?

  • needing wagon

    I drive a subaru, I would love to switch to a hybrid car but no one makes anything simalar. I am waitng to buy a new car until someone makes a hybrid wagon.

  • bill

    I’m waiting for a wagon – for delivery use.
    I know at least 4 others who would, also.

  • Helen

    I’m pregnant with twins and have a 60 pound dog. I always wanted our next car to be a hybrid and I hate SUV’s and Minivans. A prius station wagon would be ideal. I can’t stand the thought of having to buy a Minivan and regular station wagons have pretty low MPG also.

  • Quickly now!

    Please hurry this if for nothing else, but to help save our planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Old Man Crowder

    Okay, hang on there. I’m pretty sure a hybrid minivan isn’t the cure-all for saving our planet.

    Keep in mind that a minivan is still a big vehicle. Just look at the RX400h and the Highlander hybrid. Hybrid or not, it’s going to consume more fuel than most wagons.

    I have 2 kids and drive a Vibe and we manage just fine (most times).

  • Jane

    I am holding off buying a hybrid until I can get a wagon- but my patience is wearing very thin! Why aren’t manufacturers coming to the party?? Is it pressure from the oil companies?- call me a cynic, but I suspect something is up…..

  • tom

    I had a Camry wagon for 13 years and loved it. I bought a Civic Hybrid about 18-months ago and will replace it with a (Toyota or Honda) hybrid wagon the minute either comes on the market. I’m not an SUV fan; I want a “car” ride with wagon versatility (we already have a Prius in the family and it’s not the total answer for me).

  • Gregg

    I drive a Volvo V50 wagon that gets 31 MPG. I would jump at the chance to get a Toyota or Honda wagon and a hybrid would be a bonus.

  • Nicole

    As a college student, I love the idea of a wagon because i do not like SUVs and need the room to transport my stuff, but want the mpg of a hybrid.

  • Rich

    I’ve got the Thule roof rack installed but I’m not sure which box to put on top. I’d something in the Atlantis series (QuickGrip installation) but they all seem so big! Anyone have suggestions?

  • Anthony

    I think a hybrid version of the Matrix would be an excellent option. The Matrix is being completely re-designed in 2008 but I haven’t heard that it is going to be offered with an hybrid option.

  • Joyce

    Currently driving a 2002 Camry. I just love Toyotas and Hondas. Would purchase a Prius wagon in a heartbeat, with 3 kids and lots of gear. Is this in the near future?

  • Sparkle

    Ever looked at the Avensis wagon available in NZ, or called the Avensis tourer in UK. I think this is the Camry wagon, renamed. Not to be confused with the UGLY Avensis available here. If the kiwis can get the wagon, why can’t we!!!! I’m sure they could make it a hybrid too!

  • Sargon

    I have a 2005 Prius, and a 1999 Subaru Outback. I need the outback to get up my hill in winter snow (the Prius won’t do it) but I would turn it in tomorrow for an AWD Prius Wagon! We’re down to one dog and she will fit in the back of the Prius, but I would love to get another, and that won’t work, especially with a 4-year-old son!
    Great looking design, too!

  • agrawav

    the time has long past for some automaker to develop a hybrid wagon. significant bent up demand (not everyone with a kid + dog wants an SUV!). always thought of wagons as “hybrids” in a sense since they fit in between traditional sedans and SUVs in terms of space — now time to make a hybrid-“hybrid”

  • Trisha

    I drive a 99 Honda Civic and I love that the rear seats fold down for more room. But sometimes it’s just not enough room. I want me next car to be a hybrid…I’m just waiting for the right one. A sporty hybrid wagon would definitely be the right one for me. Bring us the hybrid wagon!!!

  • alan turner

    with twins a dog and have to do 30,000 miles plus ayear please hurry i want a planet for my kids

  • W K Green

    Our ’95 Suburu Legacy wagon is falling apart. We’ve spent about double what it’s worth in the last 3 years on repairs just to keep it running long enough for a hybrid wagon to come out. I’ve just about given up. But not without some disgust at manufacturers that won’t accommodate a serious need. It’s late Oct. and it hit 80 deg. in NYC yesterday.

  • M Johnsson

    Currently driving a fairly new Volvo wagon, but I’m shopping for a 2nd car. If there was a hybrid wagon, I would buy it. I’m apparently in the same boat as lots of other commenters – with kid, and dog. With a wagon [compared to a sedan] you get much more versatile space at a tiny cost increment versus going the SUV route. Car manufacturers, if you’re reading this: I want a (wagon, of course) plugin hybrid that gets >=50 miles per charge, and has a tiny auxilary diesel to recharge the battery for roadtrips. Thanks!

  • Shari LV

    I drive a wagon now & would be interested to see it in a hybrid. I work as in home care nursing in the midwest. Hybrid needed for feul economy (50mi/day in town driving for home visits); Wagon needed for nursing supplies and AWD needed for hilly areas in the winter months. I’ll be watching for it!!

  • Max Reid

    Simple and excellent concept.
    Prius Hatch has 16 cubic feet cargo capacity, this Wagon pictured above should be having around 23 cubic feet and that should be helpful for many.

    After all the Minivans that replaced wagons are going away and Wagons may be coming in.

  • John Acheson

    I’ve driven and ridden in several dozen hybrids but my wife has been asking about a hybrid wagon for years. Every few months she asks again, is anyone making a wagon? Until then, her favorite wagon is the Subaru Legacy.

  • liz

    Please hurry, I’ll buy it !

  • mh

    Previous posters have already said it well… there is a HUGE pent up demand for a hybrid that has wagon cpacity and that is AWD. AWD is an absolute necessity here in Vermont. Currently, I drive a AWD Volvo wagon — would drop it in a nanosecond if Honda or Toyota gave me a choice. Please hurry!

  • shelly

    I’ve been wanting to buy a hybrid for a long time. I’m an artist and require the space of a wagon; I also love traveling wich requires a big back seat sometimes. Wagons are perfect for people with alot of accessories that don’t want to drive a large vehicle like an suv or truck. The idea of a Hybrid wagon is the perfect car!! It should have AWD and luggage racks, and the seats should fold down flush to create a flat surface for maximum space, and to open up the possibilty of sleeping space for travelers.

  • Wogga

    And why don’t we get a (hybrid) version of the (better) european ford focus estate /wagon.

  • kcWagon

    I too am waiting for the hybrid wagon. I drive a Ford Focus wagon and before that the Ford Escort Wagon. When I heard that Ford was coming out with a Hybrid SUV I bought stock in Ford because I thought it was such a brilliant move. Ford has done such a poor job marketing and producing it that I’ve dumped that stock and probably will move on to another car company. First one to come up with a resonably priced, hybrid wagon has my business. The thing is I don’t think that the car companies are listening to what consumers want. They are still trying to push the gas guzzling trucks and SUVs. What’s up with that?

  • otter

    Put me on the list wanting a hybrid wagon. I currently drive a 2001 Ford Focus wagon but it doesn’t get good enough mileage for me. I would love to see a hybrid minivan as well. Toyota I hope you’re listening!

  • Swish

    Yep, put me on this list as well. I can’t believe that wagons have apparently fallen so far out of favor.

    I either want a hybrid or a diesel wagon. Will Volkswagen reintroduce the Passat TDI wagon?

    The Audis look nice, but are way too expensive.

  • W

    Hi, Rob….I can’t find the link for the hybrid wagon petition.
    Please send it again and I’ll sign up!
    I currently drive a 2001 Ford Focus Wagon with manual transmission. I was very disappointed that Ford decided to discontinue the Focus Wagon. A hybrid would be even better. I don’t get it-they market the wagon in Europe–but not here in the US. What’s up? The Subaru and Toyota are more expensive and the Ford Escape is just too big. What is wrong with Ford?

  • Casi

    How about this?

    It is still a little ways off but basically a hybrid wagon.

  • Diana

    same comments. We drive a VW passat station wagon and have two kids, the stroller, the groceries… skis in the winter. We want a hybrid so bad…but I want a little cargo space without buying a truck!

  • Anonymous

    Bring back a small station wagon!! I want something the size of the Ford Escort SE wagon with 35 mpg+…something that won’t break the bank, will carry my set of drums and doesn’t look too
    “futuristic” or “weird”. The last of the Escort Wagons were good
    little cars….What happened????

  • CC

    Back in ’03 we set out in search of a non SUV fuel efficient (30+) wagon with longevity (we keep cars 15+ years) – the field quickly narrowed to the VW Passat or Jetta wagon – back then the Passat stickered at 31/26 (now lower? why) – we also bought the manual version (do not offer it any longer) and often get up to 35mpg (driving 60-65mph) until freaking ethanol came along. The turbo works well for acceleration and the 2 large dogs have room in crates when we load it up – it is a tight fit with luggage but doable. A great wagon that they just had to make better (not) – the next vehicle will be replacing our 15 yr old Saturn sedan with a Hybrid wagon – Toyota?, Honda? anyone? In fact we would go out and buy it today if it existed……. patience will pay!

  • Pete

    The first brand who put out an Hybride Wagon has found at least one customer, me.

    In this time of recession i think a lot of people ar interested in a car like this. Now carsales are declining i think putting out the Prius Wagon is the right step for Toyota.

  • joy

    I didn’t take advantage of the Cash for Clunkers stimulus money because there isn’t anything out there that I want to drive….
    I’m still driving my 1988 Toyota Camry wagon and until Toyota or Honda comes back with wagon I’m not letting go of my Camry.
    I had to get a second car and picked up a 1998 Subaru wagon but it doesn’t come close to the mileage I get out of the Camry wagon (30MPG in town).
    I’ll hold tight with my money until the car manufactures figure out what some consumers really want – an electric or hybrid station wagon.

  • wogga

    Yes, TOYOTA, if you see this website, the design shown here looks pretty good. I’d also point to the look of the european Ford Focus wagon for nice design. I’ll buy a Prius when there’s a wagon or the plug-in for short miles option.

  • Heather

    My favorite car ever was my 1990 Honda Civic wagon. It got in the high 30s for MPG and was a very attractive and reliable car. Why can’t we do that now? This is just embarassing. With all the new technology in the last few years, I would have thought we’d have made some improvements. I would definately buy a new wagon with improved gas efficiency and I’m sad I don’t have any options yet.

  • Jen

    It is sad that this list is 2 years old and there still isn’t a hybrid station wagon option out there. Sigh. I want to buy one today, my 2002 Prius is like driving a hockey puck, but I refuse to drive a gas guzzler. I want a station wagon!!! The first hydrid station wagon to arrive is going to have a long waiting list. If you ask me why the car companies are having a hard time, it is easy to answer. They don’t make cars Americans want to buy. Period.

  • JamesPDX

    Yes I too think that my 1990 Civic wagon is a great car; very reliable, inexpensive to operate, simple to maintain and very good utility as its space is very practical for a small easy to drive vehicle. I considered the Honda Fit but its mileage isn’t much higher than the 90 Civic wagon!!

  • Sab-Australia

    Couldn’t agree more. Very happy driver of a Prius, now looking for a family car and would love a hybrid station wagon! Looks like as an Australian consumer one is pushed into the 4WD/SUV corner — WILL RESIST and not buy a new car until the marketers and developers are listening!

  • callie

    Absolutely, I agree. Bring those wagons on!

  • estabella

    I am waiting to replace my Ford wagon with a hybrid wagon… eventually… when there is finally one on the market.

  • Erica91

    This was published in 2006. It is now 2011 and Gas is almost 4 dollars a gallon again and projected to go higher by year’s end. Where is this prius wagon?

  • David

    My very first car was a wagon Cavalier. Not the coolest car in the World. I transitioned to Honda for affordability and quality. As a family man now … I miss my wagon (Civics don’t even come in hatchback anymore), so c’mon Toyota, give me a reason to switch. I want my wagon and I want quality! I believe you can deliver.

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