Welcome to the new HybridCars.com!

For those of you who’ve followed us over the years, or checked in from time to time, you probably noticed we’re about more than just “hybrid cars.”

As the subtext in our masthead says, we actually cover all “Auto alternatives for the 21st century.” This has long since been seen as a natural evolution to the mission that years ago led to focusing on hybrids as a means to sustainable transportation.

Where we recognize the “all of the above” approach policymakers and the industry are edging toward with all-electric, diesel, natural gas, and other technologies, we’d be remiss not to cover these as well.

So, the saga continues, and today’s updated site is in keeping with our intent to move onward and upward as well.

We have good things planned for the months ahead and pushed this launch with much content from the original HybridCars.com carried over. There will be more updating in weeks to come, and our aim will be to continue with what you liked about HybridCars.com including news, reviews, features, videos now just begun, and more.

Having majored over the past year-plus on briefed daily news with car reviews interspersed, going forward we’ll be doing more features and longer pieces as well. These will be prominent on the home page. Some time after February we also will launch an updated newsletter which readers can easily sign up for via a sidebar interface.

Our forum will be cleaned up ASAP as well. The old site was in a different content management system more vulnerable to spam. We intend to nip that in the bud, and retroactively prepare a usable forum for worthwhile discussion.

Be sure also to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

As always you can contact us with thoughts, suggestions, and questions.

Thanks for reading!

Jeff Cobb

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