Wagon And Improved Hybrid Come To The Auris Lineup

Toyota has announced a new Auris for Europe, and it comes with a revised hybrid system as well as a station wagon variant.

Since its launch in 2010, Toyota has sold around 60,000 of the British-built Auris Hybrid, making it Europe’s second most popular hybrid vehicle, after Prius.

Further improvements have been made to its Hybrid Synergy Drive powertrain. The control logic of the planetary gear transmission has been modified to give a smoother and natural feel to vehicle acceleration, with a closer relationship between vehicle speed and engine revs.

The system’s 1.8-liter VVT-i petrol engine and 60-kilowatt electric motor together generate a maximum power output of 134 bhp, allowing the Auris Hybrid a 0-62 mph acceleration in 10.9 seconds and a 112 mph top speed.

The new Auris Hybrid’s improved aerodynamics and lighter weight have reduced CO2 to less than 89g/km (with 15-inch wheels). It also produces significantly lower NOx and particulates than comparable diesel models.

When operating its all-electric EV mode, Auris Hybrid generates zero CO2, NOx and particulates for distances up to 1.2 miles at speeds up to about 31mph, according to the level of battery charge and driving conditions.

The powertrain is engineered so that the petrol engine is used as little as possible in city driving. Toyota data shows that the cumulative result is a high proportion of zero-emissions EV driving.

The battery pack has been reorganized in the new Auris Hybrid so that it sits beneath the rear seat. This means luggage space is now the same as in other models in the Auris range.

The new wagon variant, to be known as Toyota Auris Touring Sports, made its world debut at the 2012 Paris motor show, adding a long-roof body style to the range for the first time.

Wagon versions, also known as estates in the UK, account for about 25 percent of the sales mix in the mainstream family car market (C-segment) in Europe. The Auris Touring Sports will be the first in the segment to be available with a full hybrid powertrain.

It has the same 2,600 mm wheelbase as the hatchback but is 285 mm longer overall, all of which is accounted for in the extended cargo area.

The Auris Touring Sports has the same front-end design as the hatchback version, but in profile the steeply raked windshield flows into an extended roofline featuring anodized aluminum rails and an integrated rear spoiler. The side glazing extends across three panels, with gloss black B-pillars, and is underscored by a chrome-accented trim above a rising belt line crease.

The bumper and tailgate have a new design, with the sill set 80mm lower than on the hatchback.

The Auris range will also be available with Toyota’s 1.4 D-4D diesel engine. This powerplant is matched to a six-speed manual transmission and develops 89 bhp and 205 Nm of torque across a range from 1,800 to 2,800 rpm.

The engine benefits from further Toyota Optimal Drive improvements, including the installation of a new two-step hydraulic control valve in the timing chain cover. This reduces friction when hydraulic pressure is low by opening and closing the relief valve, according to driving conditions.

There is also a new coolant by-pass system that helps reduce heat losses in the engine coolant during start up, helping reduce the time it takes for the engine to warm up.

New generation piezoelectric fuel injectors provide more accurate control of injection fuel volume and timing. The piezo injectors’ quick reaction time makes multi-phase high speed injection possible, which has the effect of both lowering the rate of combustion expansion and effecting a more thorough burn in the combustion chamber, so further reducing particulate, NOx and CO2 emissions.

This combines with higher, 160-Mpa common rail injection pressure, to give shorter injector times. The result is a faster engine response with better fuel economy and emissions.

This 1.4 liter diesel engine is available with Toyota’s stop/start system.

We wonder here at HybridCars.com how much of all this will be transferred to the soon to be released North American revised Corolla.

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  • Anonymous

    Is this a hybrid only model, if so in what way is it different from Prius.

    Its a good idea to have a hatch and wagon only variants since these models have a lot of space especially with a seat folded down.

    Ford Focus in Europe also offers Hatch and Wagon versions.