VW up! is "World Car of the Year 2012"

Volkswagen’s up! Has been awarded the ‘World Car of the Year 2012’ title yesterday at the New York International Auto Show.

The jury consisted of 66 journalists from 25 countries. The up! won by a majority.

Launched last December in Europe, the up! is powered by a new generation of 1.0 liter three-cylinder engines. Originally a 2-door hatchback, VW presented the four-door version of this city car early this year.

In the BlueMotion Technology version, the up! features a Stop/Start system, battery regeneration, low-friction ancillary drives for engine components and tyres optimised for low rolling resistance. In its less powerful version, the up! fuel consumption rating is 4.1 l/100 km, or 57.36 mpg.

The up! is no stranger to awards. It has to date also won the “2011 Goldene Lenkrad” (Golden Steering Wheel) in Germany and three awards from British motoring magazine What Car? “Car of the Year,” “City Car 2012” and the “Safety Award.”

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  • James Davis

    Way to go VW! Now, just get that eBeetle out on the market; a lot of people are depending on you.

    I wonder if Detroit’s big three is stroking their chin hair wondering how VW can get nearly 60 MPG on an ICE without it being an extended range vehicle and wins the most awards of any other automaker in the world???, including the most sought after award ever: ‘World Car of the Year 2012’. The big three is still struggling to get 31 to 40 MPG on their ICE vehicles.

  • Van

    What is left out is what driving cycle was used to get 57 MPG. If the Euro cycle, then an approximation would be 20% less for the EPA number or 45 MPG. Still great, the Toyota Prius C gets only 46 highway. Now the initial Honda Insight 2 seater go an EPA rating of about 60 using its 3 cylinder engine, but I think they found those ratings to be nearly 25% generous, so high 40’s seems to be the current barrier of street legal vehicles .

  • mcsprof

    VW is showing what looks like a practical city car. But will its styling, aesthetics and price appeal enough to sell? We need a range of reasonable cost solutions to drive down the costs of all kinds of transportation needs (city cars, larger sedans, family sized vehicles, etc.). If this car fits into the mainstream well enough to make it sell to a wide audience, great. If the technology costs have driven up the cost so that it appeals only the the environmentally aware, it is only another steppingstone along the way.

  • jayzz

    Too small for my taste and I wouldnt go near a main highway with this. Too small & too underpowered meaning too dangerous! Even the VW polo is too small to be on a serious highway. These should be clearly marked city cars and should never be compared with the likes of a prius c which is very capable highway car which also happens to be a good city car.

  • altonalvin

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  • jones22

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