VW Readies Launch Of I.D. Crossover In Shanghai With Teaser Photos

Volkswagen revealed more on the all-electric I.D. crossover, along with a few teaser photos.

The German automaker will show the concept crossover utility vehicle next week at the Auto Shanghai motor show. The design combines a four-door coupe to navigate through urban environments with a sport utility vehicle to handle off-road terrain for those living an adventurous lifestyle.

The photos only offer a brief glimpse of the I.D., which will get a full display next week. It’s reminiscent of the I.D. hatchback shown in Paris last September and the I.D. Buzz microbus revealed at the Detroit auto show in January. The sharp headlights are shared with the other concept vehicles, along with a sleek aerodynamic design implying these electric vehicles will gain more distance per charge and will deliver performance.

VW says its “avantgarde” EVs offer long range combined with an interior design providing flexibility, size, and comfort. The competitive angle is offering new electric mobility design for long range driving, functionality in cities and highways, and pushing standards for the crossover vehicle class, according to the automaker. The buyer also taps into the environmental gains of owning “a new generation of zero emission vehicle.”

The electric all-wheel drive will power driving in a wide range of scenarios. The distance the I.D. crossover can travel on a charge isn’t mentioned, but the range will be comparable to crossovers on the market with internal combustion engines, VW said.

Another common element in the I.D. family will be autonomous driving capability. The automaker claims it will be fully automated. The driver can press the VW logo on the steering wheel to watch it retract into the cockpit. A panel will take its place with displays and controls. The autonomous vehicle will come with laser scanners, ultrasonic and radar sensors, and cameras.

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The corporate goal is to show these concepts and then reach large-scale production by the middle of next decade. That will be part of the mission launched last year to roll out 30 new EV models by 2025, with at least one quarter of its global sales coming from EVs.

For the I.D. product line, the I.D. hatchback is scheduled to roll out in mass production by 2020. The electric crossover I.D. being unveiled in Shanghai is expected to go that route after 2020.

The company will be showing an I.D. concept sedan this September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

VW said the I.D. EVs will be part of a “worldwide product offensive.”  The crossover concept “illustrates just how multifaceted the range of these future Volkswagen electric models will be.”


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