VW Golf GTD Could Be Heading Stateside

As part of the seventh generation Volkswagen Golf lineup; the GTD (basically a diesel version of the spicy GTI), could be heading stateside.

According to Car and Driver, Volkswagen is seriously considering bring the GTD across the pond, along with the GTI, when the new Golf makes its debut here late in 2013 (European sales are expected to begin next spring following the car’s official unveiling at the Paris Motor Show this fall).

After years of being stuck with base diesels, a sportier; oil burning Golf will no doubt be welcome news for buyers in North America. Its introduction would also appear logical, given that diesel VWs, particularly the Jetta and Gold, enjoy a relatively strong and (most definitely loyal) customer base over here. By serving as a halo model for its diesel lineup, the GTD could potentially bring new customers into VW showrooms, demonstrating that oil burners can be fun to drive, as well as helping to boost the automaker’s fleet wide fuel economy.

Initially, VW is expected to offer just three and five-door versions of the seventh generation Golf (plus the GTI), when the car goes on sale here. Further variations, such as the SportWagen and likely a production version of the Alltrack, aren’t likely to materialize stateside until sometime later.

Car and Driver

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