Volvo Developing Three-Cylinder Engines

Another automaker that’s turning to small three-cylinder turbocharged gas engines to delay – but not utterly avoid – electrification is Volvo.

Actually, the Swedish automaker’s confirmation that it’s developing as many as four three-cylinder variants around 1.5-liters displacement includes that they will be capable of use in hybrids. But, it said, it hopes to put mass electrification of its model range off for another decade or more, according to AutoGuide.


The company said by 2025 it believes electrification of its automobiles will be “more commercially sensible” thus implying electrification does not now make sense such great sense for Volvo.

However, the three-cylinder engines will be a suitable building block towards electrification after complete rollout of its also electrifcation-capable Drive-E four cylinder powerplants, of which four variants will be made by 2016.

Volvo’s pending three-cylinder engines will be developed by 2020, and see duty in non-hybrid form in the S60 and V60 models and the entry-level and to mid-range XC models. Later it will be in position to electrify its model line more fully.


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