Volkswagen To Launch 10-Speed Transmission; Powerful Diesels

Recently Volkswagen revealed it will have a 10-speed transmission available for multiple models, and its next-gen Euro diesels will get more potent engines as well.

The 10-speed dual clutch automatic is to go with the highly modular MQB platform. This will be the basis for the new Golf, next-generation Passatt, a seven-seater SUV and Audi’s A3.

The DCT will work with front or all-wheel-drive systems, and can be mated to four-, five-, and six-cylinder engines. Max torque capacity is 370 pounds-feet or more.

As for the diesels, the EA288 2.0-liter in the Euro Passat will be made in a twin-turbo version pushing 240 horsepower and possibly 400 or more pounds-feet of torque.

The most powerful 2.0-liter TDI with a single turbo will at this pint peak at 204 horsepower, and 280 pounds-feet of twist.


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